• SSB3078, Central Filing: UNCHANGED
  • Would move Iowa from Direct Notice to Central Filing
  • Neighboring states with central filing have 2+ party checks for 60-75% of producers (data from NE & SD), versus 1.5-5% of Iowa's producers
  • Would apply to "farm products" as defined in Iowa's code: below
  • HSB500, Grain Lien: UNCHANGED
  • Subcommittee: Representatives Ross Paustian, Rick Olson and Louie Zumbach- meeting on hold
  • House leadership has asked that create a compromise before moving ahead with subcommittee meetings

  • HF2047, Grain Lien + Storage Time Limit + Central Filing: UNCHANGED
  • Subcommittee: Senators Waylon Brown, Craig Johnson and Herman Quirmbach- meeting on hold
  • Sets an end date on storage charges of March 1st (the year after the commodity is delivered) and pushes implementation of central filing for agriculture including, crops (grown in a field, on trees, vines or bushes), aquatic goods, livestock, supplies used or produced in a farming operation, and unmanufactured products of crops/livestock
  • SSB3077/HSB607, Future Ready Iowa
  • Expands Apprenticeship Opportunities Program
  • Encourages businesses to invest in child care infrastructure and matching grants
  • Creates a pilot program to assist older students in earning a high school diploma while developing technical skills
  • Requires K-12 computer science and allows online learning
  • Expands Last-Dollar Scholarship eligibility

  • SSB3116/HSB657, Invest in Iowa Act
  • Increases sales tax one cent
  • 3/8 cent to Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust fund
  • Reduces individual income taxes: 2021 top rate is 7.48%, in 2023 (if revenue targets are met) that rate moves to 5.5%
  • State general fund covers more mental health to reduce property taxes for individuals and businesses
  • Expands applicability for the child care tax credit

Find your state legislators HERE .
1) Section 199A(g): New Treasury Regulation
  • Summary (thanks to NCFC) of the impact to cooperatives HERE

Please reach out to Senators Grassley and Ernst to tell them how this impacts your farmer-members and cooperative!

Pictured : U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin
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Sen. Joni Ernst: 202-224-3254
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