State Update

CENTRAL FILING/AG LIENS: SSB 1151/HSB 130- OPPOSE: No movement this week
  • Introduced by the Iowa Bankers Assn and Wells Fargo-- includes grain lien + central filing
  • Bankers are saying they cannot send paper notices to all possible buyers because farmers can load a semi and deliver anywhere
  • This bill includes all farm products and would require local sale barns, meat processors, grain buyers, grocers, etc. to check a newly created system for each farmer paid
  • Central filing would be governed by federal regulations in the Food Security Act of 1985

Thank you to members who have continued working on this bill. Your communication is effective, even when these bills pass through the subcommittee.
BROADBAND GRANTS: HSB 133/SSB 1089- SUPPORT: Passed out of Senate sub (already passed out of House sub)
  • The Governor's broadband bill provides a tiered approach to grant funding based on current broadband access/capabilities and has speed requirements
  • Directs OCIO to update its tiered map once a year
  • Raises minimum speeds for buildout to 100 by 100
  • Increases state match to 75% (tier 1: 1-24 megabits per second download/1-2 mbps upload), 50% (tier 2: 25-49 mbps down/3 up), and 35% (tier 3: 50-80 mbps down/no upload requirement)

VEGETATION MANAGEMENT: HF460/SSB 1088- SUPPORT: No movement this week
  • Would allow RECs to trim and cut trees near powerlines to provide reliable service

PRIZE-LINKED SAVINGS:HF 359/SF 86- SUPPORT: No movement this week
  •  Allows awards incentivizing and gamifying savings for Iowans at all lending institutions

THE GOVERNOR'S RENEWABLE FUEL BILL: HSB 185/SSB 1179- MONITORING: Both versions passed out of subcommittee meetings 3 to 0
  • Summary from the Governor's office below
  • Thank you to Jake Swanson, in the Governor's office, for having an open door as we discuss the details of this bill
PROPANE & NATURAL GAS SALES: HSB 166/ SSB1126- SUPPORT: Passed out of Senate subcommittee
  • Prohibits counties/cities from regulating the sale of natural gas and propane
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