C.S.A. Weekly Newsletter
Important Information Within 
Your pickup is scheduled for Thursday at 
Woodbury Floral Designs, 15 Hollow Rd. Woodbury.
Pick up time is 1:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
 PLEASE do not come early, the baskets may not always be here! 

Welcome to Week 8 of our Summer CSA 18 Week Program!

Thanks for being a valuable part of our farm!  We are excited to see you each week, and talk about the fun, delicious time you've had with each week's baskets. 
We value your feedback.  With that said; please see The Farm Happenings along with "What's In This Week's Basket" video a bit further down in this email body.  If you can not see entire email please click "show all"  if viewing from a mobile device.

Eat Healthy - Eat Local - Everyday
~The Farm Crew

Winter CSA is OPEN!
Loving the Summer CSA?

 Then be sure not to miss out on our Winter program!  This 10 week program begins as soon as the summer program ends- let our family feed yours this whole year!

Roast chicken on wooden board with potatoes and ketchup photographed with natural light  Selective Focus Focus on the front of the chicken

Chicken Available!

We have partnered with Young's Farm to bring you
free range, GMO-free whole chickens!  $6.00/lb, these chickens average 4-6 pounds each.  Reply to this email to reserve yours, or pick one up in the shop!

raw pork ready to make dinner - food and drink
Reserve Your Pork!

We are also taking orders for 1/2 and whole sides of pork!  Our naturally fed Yorkshire pigs will be ready in early August, and all curing will be done naturally; without the use of nitrates or nitrites.   

Need A Smaller Option?

Our grass fed beef, farm raised pork, Young's Farm chicken and Sepe Farm lamb are always available in small quantities at your pickup spot!
 Woodbury Floral Designs, 15 Hollow Rd. 

Stop by and see what we have!
Monday - Friday

Happenings at The Farm This Week
The Corn is Tasseling!

What exactly does this mean???  It means that The Farm's Famous Sweet Corn is not far away!  Did you know that every kernel of corn has to be pollinated in order for it to produce a kernel?  Check out our Farm Tour on sweet corn for more fun info about corn!

Sweet Corn Field Tour!
Sweet Corn Field Tour!

What's In This Week's Basket
Week 8 Summer CSA Basket
Week 8 Summer CSA Basket

Share for Two:
Sweet Onions, Purple Kohlrabhi, Bianca Peppers, Cabbage, Yellow Squash, Cilantro, Cucumbers, and Poblano Peppers

Family Shares:
Sweet Onions, Purple Kohlrabhi, Bianca Peppers, Cabbage, Yellow Squash, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Poblano Peppers, Bella Eggplant and Yellow Patty Pan/Scallop Squash

Fruit Shares contain 
Blueberries from Dzen's Berry Farm and maybe Blackberries! 
Recipes & Care Instruction
They will download in a PDF please check your "download" folder to retrieve them.  
~Saving one tree at a time.

H ow to care for your items this week:

 Onions, peppers, cabbage, squashes and cucumbers can all be stored in the crisper.  The cabbage and the onions will last for about 3-5 weeks, while everything else should be used sooner.  Cilantro should either be placed in a cup of water in the fridge, or wrapped in a damp paper towel and kept in the fridge.  The kohlrabi can be stored for weeks in the crisper as well, but it is best to remove the greens from them first.  The greens are eatable, and should be treated like a collard green.  Poblano peppers are overall sweet in flavor, with just a little bit of heat.  Eggplant should be stored in the crisper as well, and it best used when very fresh.
Eat Healthy - Eat Local - Everyday

Thank you for your continued support of our farm!

203.266.9149  | info@thefarmwoodbury.com

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