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June 1, 2018

New Homesnap Pro MLS App 

Our new MLS mobile application (app) Homesnap Pro is now serving members.

SAR member Patrick Kendrick with Audubon Realty LLC says:  " Thank you so much. This app is a beautiful game changer! :)"
SAR photo

We've offered one round of training on the app so far, both in person at the SAR (photo above) and online. 

We'll offer a second round if demand suggests - please be in touch with Edward here at the SAR to put your name on the list, if you're interested - email here or call 326-9222.  
Get your Homesnap Pro App online here:

The old Homespotter app will remain functional for the next few weeks as you become comfortable with this new platform.
You'll want to re-enter your existing clients into Homesnap Pro in order to stay in touch with them after this transition phase.

Legal Hotline: Winning the Offer Battle

Washington REALTORS® Legal Hotline lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons is back with Part 8 of her new video series: Winning the Offer Battle Without Losing the War.  
In this new video, Annie talks about home sale contingencies - Buyer wants to buy a house but needs to sell his/her house first.
Watch the eight-minute video online here:  
To Form 22B or not 22B 
To Form 22B or not 22B
Part 8 
Part 7:  
Annie discusses why you want to warn your buyers before they abandon reviewing the HOA Docs.
Watch the five-minute video online here:  
Buyer choosing not to review HOA documents? Part 7 
Buyer choosing not to review HOA documents? 
Part 7

PART 6:  
Annie talks about instances of the misuse of Form 22AD by Buyer's Broker.

Watch the eight-minute video online here: 

Misuse of Form 22AD 
Misuse of Form 22AD
Part #6 

Part 5:

Buyer wants to make an offer more attractive to the Seller by waiving inspection contingencies.

Annie explains the extraordinary risks to buyer and also answers the question: "Does a buyer, who does not include an Inspection Contingency, still have the right to conduct an 'Information Only' inspection?"

Watch her nine-minute video online here:

Buyer's Choice 
Waiving Inspection Contingencies
Part #5

Annie discusses buyers who need financing but don't want to include a financing contingency in their offer in order to make the offer more attractive.

What are the risks to buyer and buyer's broker?

Annie gives points to consider before proceeding in this manner.

Her nine-minute video is online here:

The Risks of Not Including Financing Contingency When Buyer is Reliant Upon Financing 
The Risks of Not Including Financing Contingency when Buyer is Reliant Upon Financing
Part #4


Brokers have been writing some pretty unrealistic closing dates (a "fast" closing) on their Buyer's offers in the hopes of making their offer stand out to the Seller.

In this episode, Annie goes over potential risks for the Buyer.

Watch the six-minute video online here:

Brokers Writing Unrealistic Closing  
Brokers Writing Unrealistic Closing Dates
on Buyers' Offers
Part #3


In this video, Annie talks about which line on Page 6 of Form 17 buyer should sign.

Watch the 10-minute video online here:

Winning the Offer Battle - Part 2 
Winning the Offer Battle without Loosing the War 
Part #2


In part 1 of this series, imagine that your buyer cast too much caution to the wind and found themselves forfeiting earnest money, or maybe regretting having paid too much for the property, or possibly found that the property was riddled with conditions that they weren't aware of.

If your buyer loses that battle, you as the agent could be the collateral damage in the loss of that war.

Buyer might be likely to blame you saying that you failed to caution them sufficiently about the risk they were undertaking.

Annie wants to talk about some of the standards that are considered to be buyer protections.

See Annie's new seven-minute video online here:   
Winning the Offer Battle Without Losing the War - Part 1 
Winning the Offer Battle without Losing the War
Part #1
Lunch & Learn: Manufactured Homes 
Monday, June 4th

Brokering the purchase and sale of a manufactured homes puts you in a different world than traditional site-built homes.

Find out more about manufactured homes with Angie DeArth at our next Lunch & Learn at the SAR on Monday, June 4th.

Find out more online here.

Lunch & Learn: Speaking "Investor" 

Monday, June 11th

This fast-paced, information-packed class will give you a working knowledge of the benefits of investing in rental real estate.

Gain more business by speaking "investor" with Eric Bessett and Tara Ostlind from Madison Real Estate and Property Management with this Lunch & Learn event on Monday, June 11th.

Find out more online here.

Tribal Member Homeownership 

Tuesday, June 19th

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco invites you to participate in a Spokane meeting to discuss how homeownership opportunities can be expanded for enrolled tribal members.

During this meeting, we will discuss how tribes can collaborate with local lenders to provide tribal members access to down payment assistance and other homeownership resources available through the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and financial institution members of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines.
Tuesday, June 19th
9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 
Spokane Downtown Public Library
906 West Main Ave

RPR Relocation Packet 

Tuesday, June 19th
11 a.m.

Create the Ultimate Relocation Packet With RPR

Join this online webinar to find out how to research an area for your clients and generate reports that highlight pivotal information in just a matter of minutes!

We'll show you how to use the following reports to educate your clients:
  • Market Activity Report
  • Neighborhood Report
  • Trade Area Report
  • Property Report

2018 REALTOR® Education

Quality of Education 
through SAR/WR Education Instructors

Here is the latest class listing from your SAR - offering the best live and local continuing real estate education classes for 2018.

Click on each class title,  underlined in blue, to bring up a flyer for that class - suitable for posting in your office. 

Register for these classes online here: 


Please be in touch with Debbie at the SAR if you have any questions about these classes or your license education requirements, by phone at 326-9222 or by email.

Code of Ethics - Standards for Success 
Code of Ethics - Standards for Success

Thursday, June 7 - Code of Ethics Standards for Success - with Linda Miller Sheets.

Check-in: 8:15 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
at the SAR

7.5 clock hours

The "Nekkid" Truth

Friday, June 8 - The "Nekkid" Truth: Six Principles of Building a Real Estate Business - with Linda Miller Sheets.

Check-in: 8:15 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
at the SAR

4.0 clock hours

Core Curriculum 
Core Curriculum

Friday, June 8 - Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate - with Sabrina Jones-Schroeder.

Check-in: 1:00 p.m.
Class: 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
at the SAR

3.0 clock hours

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New Homesnap Pro MLS App
Legal Hotline: Winning the Offer Battle
Lunch & Learn: Manufactured Homes
Lunch & Learn: Speaking "Investor"
Tribal Member Homeownership
RPR Relocation Packet
2018 REALTOR® Education
MLS Fees Due
NAR Reports Phishing Email
SAR Golf Tournament
Real Estate Research Survey
Code of Ethics
Marketing in Our Market Today
Annie's Coming to Town!
Member 2 Member
NAR REALTORS® Conference & Expo
New Top-level Domain: .realestate
Member Roster Update - April
Market Activity Report - April

Click on the calendar image below to see
the current SAR calendar showing dates and times
of classes, committees and events. 
MLS Fees Due 


Third Quarter MLS fees have been posted to the SAR member portal. 

Your payment is due by June 30th.

Click on the button above to pay online now. 

Please email Brenda at the SAR if you have a question about your fees or contact her by phone at 326-9222.

Thank you!

NAR Reports Phishing Email 


Several NAR members this week have reported receiving a suspicious email regarding updates to a member directory.

The sender-claiming to be NAR-uses an elon.edu address, and the message itself is riddled with random word capitalizations and misuse of the REALTOR® mark.

It's also missing the association's logo as well as other identifying information-signs that the email did not come from NAR.

Read more online here.

SAR Golf Tournament 

  Thursday, July 19th

The 2018 SAR Golf Tournament is coming soon!

This year's event will be Thursday, July 19th at Down River Golf Course.

Download the event flyer - suitable for posting in your office and sharing with your colleagues - online here.

Real Estate Research Survey 


The Spokane-Kootenai Real Estate Research Committee - which is the non-profit organization that organizes the annual Real Estate Market Forum each February - also publishes a 300 plus page semi-annual statistical research report about the local economy and real estate market. 

The following short (5 questions) survey is related to improving that report.

All responders to the survey will have their email address entered into a drawing for free registration to the next Real Estate Market Forum, or a future one of your choice.

Thank you for your participation, and helping us improve the utility of the report.

Code of Ethics 


You have until the end of the year to comply with the NAR requirement for Code of Ethics class once every two years.

The current cycle ends December 31.

Take your required Code of Ethics class in person, locally, here at your SAR, or visit the NAR Code of Ethics resource page for other options,   online here.

Marketing in Our Market Today 

Thursday, June 7th!

The Spokane-Eastern Washington Women's Council of REALTORS® invites all SAR members to attend its June program: Marketing in Our Market Today!

Download the event flyer for more information (pictured above), online here.

Annie's Coming to Town! 

SAR photo

Thursday, August 16th

Annie's coming to town this summer! 
Annie Fitzsimmons, Washington REALTORS® Legal Hotline attorney (pictured above) is coming to Spokane with her new class "The Hotline vs. The Bottom Line."

You won't want to miss this interactive and energetic class with Annie and a panel of Spokane Association of REALTORS® Designated Brokers.  

See the event flyer (pictured above), online here.

Register online through the Member Portal, here:

Member 2 Member     

Our friends at Inland Professional Title share word that they have a new name: WFG National Title Company of Eastern WA.

Or, by a shorter name, WFG.


If you'd like to download WFG's name change flyer (pictured above), it is online here.

NAR REALTORS® Conference & Expo 

New Top-level Domain: .realestate  

The National Association of Realtors® will be launching a new top-level domain, .realestate, later this year.

The new domain extension is scheduled to be available in September for members of NAR, with a late November release to the general public.
The .realestate web addresses will be free of restrictions from NAR affiliation and will allow real estate entities and professionals to creatively market properties, geographic areas served, or their personal brands and specialties.

The domain leverages real estate as a descriptive and internationally known term.

Read more about this online here.

Member Roster Update - April   

Updated for April

Click here to view the latest Member Roster Update - approved by the Board of Directors.

Click here to view the latest list of MLS Subscription Waivers - approved by the Board of Directors.  

Send a message to Brenda at the SAR with any changes.  

Market Activity Report - APRIL 

Market Activity Reports  

Updated for April
The SAR Market Activity Report for APRIL is now online.
See the latest full report - a member-exclusive product
- and archived full reports, online here .

See the APRIL 2018 Market Snapshot Report (pictured above) online here.

See the 2018 YEAR-TO-DATE Market Snapshot Report (pictured above), online here.

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