WEKU Tops Lexington Market Radio Ratings During AM Drive
The Spring 2022 Nielsen Ratings are in and WEKU has garnered the top share of the Lexington market for mornings, both on weekdays and weekends. And, WEKU is ranked second in the Lexington market overall (from Monday-Sunday 6 am -12 midnight).*

There's never been a better time to get your message in front of a market-leading audience of Kentuckians. If you are ready to explore what's involved, we are happy to work with you. If you want to do a little more research on your own, we offer a range of Sponsorship Resources to assist you.

*Nielsen Radio Lexington-Fayette SP22; Metro Survey Area; M-Su 6a -10a & 6a-12m; Adults 18+
Benefits of WEKU Sponsorship
Much Less Clutter
Because WEKU sponsorship messaging is limited to two minutes per hour, your message won't get lost in a sea of commercials. Many commercial stations run longer messages and an average of 16 minutes of commercials per hour.1 WEKU also provides product separation so your message doesn't air next to a competitor's message.

Market-Leading Audience
The public radio audience is comprised of thought leaders who are highly educated, have higher incomes and are more culturally diverse. They are more likely to be C-suite, own their own business, be environmentally conscious and donate to causes.

More Engaged and Loyal Audience
WEKU continues to have the highest weekly "Time Spent Listening" (TSL) level in the Lexington Metro market and is the top station for listener loyalty (those who listen solely to one station) in both the Lexington market and the 40-county Lexington DMA.2 That means you don't have to repeat a message as often for it to be heard. In addition, research shows that the public radio audience is both attentive and loyal to public radio sponsors. Eighty-eight percent of listeners hold a higher opinion of sponsors and 75% would choose a public radio sponsor over a commercial sponsor.3

1Insider Radio, "Network Radio Averaged 16 Minutes of Spots per Hour, As Rates Crept Up," Nov 29, 2018
2Nielsen Radio Lexington-Fayette SP22; Metro Survey Area; M-Su; Adults 18+
3Dareni Wellman, How Public Media Drives ROI," Market Engenuity Blog
We Share Kentucky's Stories
When you sponsor WEKU, you not only support regular NPR news programming for Central and Eastern Kentucky but you support our efforts to share Kentucky's stories with the rest of the nation and world. WEKU journalists have filed multiple stories about recent flooding in southeastern Kentucky that were carried nationally through NPR, and NPR regularly airs WEKU news pieces.

WEKU and other members of the Kentucky Public Radio Network have been collecting funds and equipment to assist WMMT in Whitesburg with flood recovery efforts. You can read more about that effort here.

WEKU is committed to covering our listening area. We will continue to cover flood recovery efforts as well as amplifying conversations about creating more resilient communities in southeastern Kentucky.
The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is a nationally accredited community foundation serving southeastern Kentucky. The Foundation connects resources to local communities, develops leadership and grows assets to create equitable, lasting and positive change. The Foundation is currently accepting donations and providing flood-relief grants for individuals, small businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises.
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