November 2013


Greetings everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read our very first newsletter!  

To introduce ourselves just in case you are not familiar with who we are, Families Against Cult Teachings is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising the awareness of the public by educating about the existence, ideology, and methodology of active cults in the United States. We are also committed to helping cult victims, both past and present, by offering emergency care, guidance, and various kinds of support, in addition to many other efforts.


F.A.C.T. was founded by Tibor Stern, father of Sharon Stern, who tragically committed suicide on April 25, 2012, after enduring four years of physical, mental, sexual, and financial exploitation by none other than her own teacher at Naropa University in Bolder, CO, who as it turned out, was a cult leader with many followers around the world.



To find out more about our organization and/or Sharoni's story, please visit our website.

We are pleased to announce that we are arranging a lecture circuit for high-schools and colleges, initially in South Florida and Colorado, to commence in January 2014. Students, faculty and parents of the schools are all invited to attend.

The purpose of these talks is to not only educate about current active cults and their methods, but also preventative methods that parents and kids can take to protect themselves from cult influence, and to show the detrimental effect these corrupt groups can have on the lives of those who are seduced and manipulated by them.
We are pleased to announce the finalized
list of our board members, and what a 
stellar group it is:

Tibor Stern- President

Dr. Robert Loeffler- Vice President

Robert Press- Treasurer 
Elyse Blechman- Secretary, Director 

Michael Brzostowski- Director

Marc Postelnek, Attorney- Director

Deborah Grossman-Director


We are very fortunate to have such a 

wonderful group for our leadership.


We're just like you. We're parents, retirees, students... you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our earnest desire to protect and help those around us. If you believe in our cause, please spread the word though Facebook, Twitter, by signing up for newsletter and sharing it, by word of mouth, etc. (You can find our social media share and like buttons at the top and bottom of this email which makes sharing easy.) 
The more people we have getting the word out, the bigger impact we can all make.

It is our great hope that our ongoing efforts will not only prevent people from joining cults, but will also reunite families and friends with their once lost loved ones. We have already received numerous correspondences from individuals and families asking for our help. 
Read our blog to find their stories and to learn more information.
There are millions of cult victims all over the U.S.
Please join us in our mission to help them.
Stay tuned for detailed mission updates in our upcoming e-newsletter.
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