September 2017

Message from the Chair 
While our articles this month provide great opportunities for business building and networking, the past few weeks  have also been a reminder that the path is not always smooth or straight and we may have to dodge the occasional rock fall.
With global disaster s occurring in such close proximity -- fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes -- I want to make sure that my message finds you all personally safe (first) and in good order in terms of your businesses and organizations (always second).
Recent events certainly bring us to the awareness of the power of preparedness as well as the need for contingency planning, whether it’s about power outages, currency changes, access to markets or disrupted supply channels.
The expression ‘make hay while the sun shines’ may be a cliché  but it does remind us to take advantage of the good times and blue skies to bank not just dollars  but contacts, relationships and ideas to see us through the more difficult days. I hope all of our members and friends are doing just that, and that you have used your resources to overcome any hardship that has arisen from chaotic economic, political, or climat e activities that might affect your business.
We certainly do ‘live in interesting times’!

Best regards,
In This Issue: 
  • Supplier Diversity Advocacy a Growing Priority in Canada
  • Perspectives on NAFTA Discussions
  • WEOC's 2017 IWEC Awardee
  • Prix Développement économique Féminin
  • BWIT News
Member News
Supplier Diversity Advocacy a Growing Priority in Canada
The Summer 2017 issue of MBE Magazine featured "Diversity Advocacy in Canada Gaining Steam", an article highlighting the growing priority of diversity advocacy in Canada. Laurel Douglas, WEOC board member and CEO of WEOC member organization, The Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC), was quoted in the article regarding Supplier Diversity Canada, an initiative of WEC.

Aileen McManamon, project manager for Supplier Diversity Canada (pictured left), was also mentioned. McManamon is helping educate procurement professionals about the importance of diversity in supply chains across Canada, opening opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs to have access to new markets. She was asked to speak at the Supply Chain Management Association convocation last fall and is a speaker at their upcoming national conference in Penticton in September 2017. 

The full article can be read here with a subscription to MBE Magazine. 
Perspectives on NAFTA Discussions
Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) is proud to have had input regarding women entrepreneurs into NAFTA. A recent article by Ottawa Citizen highlighted the Canadian government's effort to ensure gender equality for NAFTA, which can be read here. WEOC’s perspectives on the NAFTA discussions can be found on our website here
WEOC's 2017 IWEC Awardee: Lisa Will
WEOC is proud to announce Lisa Will, CEO of Stonz Wear Inc. as a 2017 IWEC Awardee. Will will be attending the 10th Annual 2017 IWEC Awards & Conference held on November 12-14 in Redmond, Washington to accept her award.

The conference will celebrate global success in female entrepreneurship, enable new connections, and host discussions on how innovation and technology can accelerate business growth. Read the full news release here.
Prix Développement économique Féminin
Le Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec est fier de vous présenter les trois finalistes du Prix Développement économique Féminin, Entreprise à propriété féminine certifiée, la lauréate sera dévoilée au gala Prix Femmes d’affaires du Québec à Montréal, QC le 8 novembre prochain. Pour infos, cliquez ici .

Nathalie D’Aoust, Présidente , V Courrier, Région de Laval
Danielle Déry, Présidente , Perlimpinpin, Région de Québec
Josée Dufour, Présidente , Groupe Axiomatech, Région de Laval
Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) 
Trade Mission to Women in Business North American Summit
BWIT will lead a trade mission to the Women in Business North American Summit (WIBNAS) in Atlanta, Georgia from October 3-4. The summit is a unique event designed for women‑owned businesses from Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is a multi‑sector event where participants can explore opportunities for exporting and integration in global value chains. Delegates will also have opportunities to connect with potential business partners from Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. The trade mission will also feature networking events, business‑to‑business matchmaking, and inspiring speakers. Find more information on the summit here
Wanted: Success Stories
BWIT is looking for success stories from Canadian WBEs, either for the BWIT webpage or for CanadExport, a publication of the Trade Commissioner Service. If you'd like to share your story, you're encouraged to do so by emailing it here.
Upcoming Events
Innovate & Ignite 2017:
WBE Canada Conference 
September 28, 2017 
Toronto, ON |  Learn more here
Women in Business North America Summit   
October 3-4, 2017 
Atlanta, GA |  Learn more here
2017 IWEC Awards & Conference
November 12-14, 2017
Redmond, WA | Learn more here
2017 WE FOR SHE Forum 
November 17, 2017 
Vancouver, BC |  Learn more here
WEConnect International in Canada Power the Economy Conference  
November 30, 2017 
Toronto, ON |  Learn more here
SHEday 2018
January 26, 2018 
Winnipeg, MB | Follow on social media
WEOC Board

Sandra Altner , Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba
Paula Sheppard , Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs
Laurel Douglas , Women's Enterprise Centre of British Columbia
Marcela Mandeville , Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
Ruth Vachon , Femmes, Affaires et Développement
Prabha Mitchell , Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan    

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