February 2020
Monthly News & Updates
After much delays last year 2019 with some challenges for our projects and with the holidays, new year 2020 celebration, lunar new year this month, we are ready to move forward to this exciting new year. Constant communication, updates, and re-organization are just a few of our new year's resolutions this year to make sure our community grows bigger and stronger.

Aside from being a project-funding token, we are excited to announce that WESTOKEN will be an "Enterprise Ecosystem Token" as one of its new additional utility to be offered to small to medium size business enterprises in the U.S.A. beginning in California this second quarter of the year.
Upcoming Events
WES Consulting Founder, Verlin Sanciangco, will be one of the keynote speakers at the 3rd Edition World Blockchain STO Summit in Singapore this February 26-27, which will be one of the most important summits in Asia, dedicated to innovative technologies, bringing together the biggest names, and the brightest minds who are actively shaping the industry.

With the new additional utility of WESTOKEN as a "Enterprise Ecosystem Token" for small to medium size business organizations in the USA to be effective the 2nd quarter of this year, we are expecting a far more organic and consistent growth in our trading volume in addition to our goal of expanding WESTOKEN's utility in the industry.

WESTO by Wes Consulting
WES Consulting's Security Token "WESTO" is still currently on soft-launch with MASex.io, World's First and Leading Universal Exchange which we plan to officially launch this April 8, 2020 or sooner with no more further delays. WESTOKEN holders will be allowed to SWAP their WESTOKEN for WESTO at a rate of 1:4 upon company's final approval. The procedure will be announced one week before the official launch. WESTOKEN holders can email us at hello@westoken.io for further instructions. A Telegram Channel has also been created to update the community. Please join this channel at https://t.me/WESTOkenChannel to get the most recent updates.
WES Consulting, is an international consulting firm offering business consulting services and technology services. Recently, Wes Consulting Founder, Verlin Sanciangco, has been hired to be a part of one massive project involving tokenizing real-world asset for funding a major real estate development in the United States. Find out more about this new project at https://rubyfund.info/
We hope to continue to bring our community more updates as this year progresses. For more information and updates, please feel free to email us at hello@westoken.io or message us in telegram @westokensupport and we promise to respond to you in a timely manner.... Thank you!