November / 21 / 2016
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Culture of Healthy Living

Through out the summer and fall, we have been preparing to bring you a new WEforum.  We have partnered with Monmouth Medical Center, RWJBarnabas Health and together we will build a "culture of healthy living" by strengthening the health and wellness of your community.  We hope the resources provided educate and empower women to make better, healthier choices for themselves and their family.

Partnership to Improve Community Health
WEforum by partnering with community organizations, business and civic leaders, schools and others, is building a "culture of healthy living" that goes beyond our immediate community. Join WEforum and help us transform Monmouth and Ocean Counties into a "Blue Zone".  Click here to learn more about "Blue Zones".

 "Take the Lead" and start a WEforum Group in your community. No support is too  small or too great.  There is a role for everyone at every level. Contact  and learn how your support can make a difference.  
JOIN WEforum

"Hydrate for Life" :  ONE BOUGHT = ONE DONATED

We are thrilled about the success of our WE GO GREEN Campaign to date!  Feedback has been OUTSTANDING and we are so excited to see our bottles all around town and beyond!

EVERY BOTTLE YOU PURCHASE FOR $25, WEforum will  DONATE A FREE bottle to local community programs that target health and wellness education.  100% of the
proceeds go towards every bottle donated.  

HELP SUPP ORT US and get the WORD OUT!  

I f you or your friends would like to purchase WEforum's reusable wate r bottles please visit one of our participating retailers (see below). We would love to show our support
to those businesses who kindly partnered with WEforum and are participating in this great campaign.  

For Pre-Ordered Bottles:
If you have already pre-ordered a water bottle please contact  Carolyn directly at C
In This Issue
Buy Bottles:  Meet Participating Retailers
"Message In a Bottle": In English and Spanish

We are still adding retailers to our list of vendors.  If you know of any retailer who can help sell our bottles at 
ZERO RISK, please email Krista Long at 

Message In a Bottle Click for English or Spanish

Participating retailers include:  
Bungalow Road (Atlantic Highlands)
Clementine (Fair Haven)
Cups & Cakes (Rumson)
Eastpointe Health and Fitness (Atlantic Highlands)
juicebasin (Asbury Park / Montclair)
LB Kass (Shrewsbury)
Medimorphosis (Shrewsbury)
Monmouth Medical Center Gift Shop (Long Branch)
Perspirology (Sea Bright)
Pilates Blast (Tinton Falls)
Power Center (Fair Haven)
Sickles Market (Little Silver)
Synergy Hot Yoga (Fair Haven)
3B-Fit (Sea Bright)

Click here to r ead more  about our WE GO GREEN Campaign.
Clementine WE GO GREEN Ride Today! 
Charitable Giving: Participate and Donate

WE GO GREEN "Hydrate for Life" RIDE
11AM with Ginger 
12:15 PM with Effie

Clementine in Fair Haven
$25 Donation and receive a Ride and a Go GREEN Bottle

SIGN UP ONLINE (click here to sign up online)

As a lead-in to the Fall 2017 Heath & Wellness Conference, WEforum is launching the
"Hydrate for Life"   Fall 2016 Campaign.  Join Ginger or Effie, WEforum's Wellness Ambassadors for a Charity Ride.  Ride, Receive a bottle to donate a bottle.
LB Kass: DANZsculpt Class for WE GO GREEN
G et Active after Thanksgiving and 

WEsweat DANZsculpt Class 
Saturday, November 26th
8:30-9:30 AM with Wellness Ambassador LB Kass

For $25 donation, r eceive a WE GO GREEN reusable water b ottle:  Sign Up: Mind Body Online

One Bought = One Donated.   Join LB's class, receive a WE GO GREEN Bottle and one bottle will be donated to a charitable organization:  Horizons, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Monmouth Medical Center's Cancer Support Community.
NO DUES! 
WEforum Thanks Monmouth Medical Center

WEForum is now it's own Foundation and has applied for 501(c)3 status.  This status once approved will be retroactive 27 months.   We are proud to stand side by side with Monmouth Medical Center and together we will focus on developing partnerships throughout our community.  These partnerships will help drive change and create the strongest impact.

We thank Monmouth Medical Center for continuing to support WEforum's efforts and in doing so MMC will help to defray some administrative costs associated with our work.  

Thank you Monmouth Medical Center!
From all of the WEforum Members and Volunteers
Community Garden Initiative
Tom Pivinski, Lisa Becker and Amy McDonagh.
Meet Tom Pivinski of Asbury Park

Our 2017 focus on nutrition and our mission to work with partners to reduce the rate of chronic illness remains a key initiative for WEforum, thus we have kicked off a community garden program.   This nascent initiative remains a work in progress. We are targeting Asbury Park, Long Branch and Red Bank as our starting points and are identifying all community gardens and key contacts in these towns.  Meetings are being set up with those already working on gardens to understand the needs of the community and how WEforum and its partners could best assist them to build upon and expand the great work they are already doing.

Tom Pivinski: At our first meeting we had the honor of meeting Tom Pivinski, the Shade Tree Commissioner for Asbury Park. Tom and a group of volunteers built a garden on town hall property.  With input from the community on what produce to grow, Tom and his team man a produce stand two days a week.  Members of the community can come and take all the organic, healthful produce they'd like.  This is a great way to ensure organic fruits and vegetables are available to all in the community.

Attend the Conference 2017 and Help Support a Community Garden
The Fit Crawl is Back: February 4th, 2017
Why do a Pub Crawl when you could do a Fit Crawl!

Join us on Saturday, February 4, 2017 and sample up to 3 classes in one day. Each class is 30-35 minutes long.  After sweating your tail off, join us at Detour Gallery in Red Bank for our Post Crawl Happy Hour.  

Meet Our WEfit Studios 2017

Wellness Ambassador Chairs 2017

WEforum Flashback
Click Image to view Conference Video
Women's Health and Wellness Conference 2016

Thank you for joining us at our inaugural conference. Together with Monmouth Medical Center, we raised over $250,000.  Proceeds will fund educational health and wellness programs developed by Monmouth Medical Center that are free and accessible to everyone.  50+ programs reach nearly 100,000 participants.

Amy McDonagh and Michele Donohue are working closely with MMC and will share how funds will be used 
at Monmouth Medical Center's new Health Facility.
WEforum Targets "Gangsta Gardener"
Who is Ron Finlay of South Central L.A.?

Meet Ron Finley, a man who will not sit still and watch a problem take root. Having grown up in the South Los Angeles food prison, Ron is familiar with the area's lack of fresh produce. He knew what it's like to drive 45 minutes just to get a fresh tomato.  Meet the "Gangsta Gardener" and learn why WEforum wants Ron Finlay as their Conference Keynote.  Read more
Reggie Flimlin, Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur 2016
Enrique Wegel and Regine Flimlin

Wellness Ambassador of juice basin  honored as LWE  2016
"Celebrating the Unstoppable"

What's in store for Conference 2017
Women's Health and Wellness Conference slated for November 2017

Abby Kelly and her Program Development Team are working hard to build our conference line up. Conference 2017 will cover how what we put into our bodies affects our health. From behavioral to physical health to how the environment impacts our overall health, "nutrition" is the key factor to living a healthier life. What we know is good nutrition will increase your quality of life.  Check out some of our key topics for what will be an event you will not want to miss.
  • Factory Farming -what it's doing to our bodies, the environment and animal welfare.
  • Carbs, Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity -What the heck is going on?
  • Gut Health: The Holy do we find it?
  • How the USDA Food pyramid Created the obesity epidemic.
  • "Eat Fat, Get Thin" -Stop counting calories, eat more fat and lose weight.
  • Your Blood Type May hold the Answers to What you Should Eat 
Meet Our Conference Program Team: Emily Billington, Melissa Bonello, Kellie Fisher, 
Meghann Marturano, Sarah McManus, Sarah Nelson, Tammy Perconti, Marcy T. Ragan, Erinn Romanowski
Green Life NJ
Editor Vanessa Arico Chooses to GO GREEN

Check out Asbury Park Zests' Green Life NJ edition where WEforum's WE GO GREEN Campaign is featured. Thanks to Vanessa M. Arico who has done an amazing job getting the word out about WEforum and our campaign. Be sure to visit her website and checkout her magazines.   Click here to read Asbury Park Zest.

Check out one of Vanessa's Go Green articles.
"Life is Short.  GO GREEN."  Vanessa M. Arico
"Bouley is Not Closing": Find out why
David Bouley Plans to Retool His Restaurants, and Himself

David Bouley wanted to be clear about this, so he reached for a Sharpie and a pad of paper the size of a painter's easel. "I'm going to write it all down right here," he said.

Sitting at a table at  Ichimura at Brushstroke, part of his ever-evolving network of TriBeCa restaurants...
Read more
Meet Kymbal Musk of The Kitchen and Next Door
Farming on the moon and meat grown in a lab. Six thoughts on the future of food.

Potential WEforum Keynote?  Wait and see...As a technologist turned restaurateur, Kimbal Musk thinks daily about the future of food. His own collection of restaurants, named The Kitchen and Next Door, aim to shake up food distribution by sourcing ingredients locally and providing fresh, natural food at sensible prices.  His company, also called The Kitchen, builds hundreds of school gardens