World Federation for Mental Health
The mission of the World Federation for Mental Health is to promote the advancement of mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders, advocacy, and best practice recovery focused interventions worldwide.
Message from the Secretary General
By Prof Gabriel Ivbijaro MBE
This special bulletin is dedicated to this year’s World Mental Health Day 2020 theme ‘Mental Health for All: Greater Investment-Greater Access’.
We have seen much improvement in the standards and delivery of mental health care for many citizens of the world since 1948, the profile of mental health has been raised with the general public, but there is still a long way to go.
World Mental Health Day takes place every year on 10th October and is an opportunity for all of us to come together to highlight some of the challenges that people with mental illness and their families face to improve their wellbeing.
I am very grateful to Her Royal Highness Princess Iman Afzan Al-Sultan Adbullah of Malaysia, the Patron of WFMH World Mental Health Day 2020.
3295 downloads from the website since the launch of the material on 1st September 2020, made 30 social media releases and had 222.000 hits on the website from 110 countries.
Thank you very much to every one of you. Mental health advocacy needs you.
I am delighted that the WFMH World Mental Health Day educational and campaign material is available from the WFMH website.
To download use this link:
HRH Princess Iman Afzan Al-Sultan Abdullah
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought great disruptions and immense challenges all across the globe. Uncertainty and major changes to the way we live our lives are having a considerable impact on our mental health...

WFMH President’s Foreword
Ingrid Daniels
President WFMH
World Mental Health Day, a programme of the World Federation for Mental Health, annually raises awareness within the global community about the mental health challenges, gaps and priorities through collaborative and unifying voices aimed at taking action, addressing and creating lasting change in a world where we need to restore the dignity of all living with mental health needs...

Put a brick in the wall
To support this year’s World Mental Health Day goal of providing greater access the World Federation for Mental Health would like to provide direct support to selected mental health NGO’s in low income countries who have difficulty obtaining the necessary support required to continue their community-based mental health interventions.
Outline of Activities
#MentalHealthForAll - WFMH Global Campaign.
Powered By Trijog and Youth for Mental Health.

World's First Virtual March for Mental Health Launches Ahead of World Mental Health Day 2020
It’s a month to go until this year's World Mental Health Day on 10th October for which the WFMH, WHO and United for Global Mental Health have joined forces to call for a massive scale-up...

From the World Health Organization:
Health for All film festival: special prize for mental health 
For the 2020 edition of the Health for All Film Festival, we received many submissions on mental health...

By Andrew Mohanraj

It was an honour for the national movement for mental health when a notable advocate for mental health from Malaysia was appointed International Patron for World Mental Health Day 2020...

The Republic of Nauru
By Andrew Mohanraj

The smallest republic in the world with a population of 11,000 people is looking forward to the events planned for World Mental Health Day...

Red Sea Endurance Festival
For the 7th year in a row, the Sahl Hasheesh Endurance Festival will be taking place at the Red Sea's premier resort destination: Sahl Hasheesh. The 10th Edition of The TriFactory's flagship multi-sport event takes place from 8-10 October, 2020!

Ingrid Daniels itinerary for WMHD events
- Keynote address: Access Summit, India on 04/10
- WMHD Presentation: African Regional Advisory, WMHD Webinar, 06/10
- WMHD Webinar, Italy, 09/10
- XIII Argentine Mental Health Congress and 6th WFMH Regional Congress:  6 -10 October and Round to celebrate WMHD, Argentina, 10/10
- Cape Town International Virtual Kite Festival # Hopeontherise – Invest in Mental Health, 10 -25 October 2020 hosted by Cape Mental Health, South Africa.
Mental Health Film Prize: public vote
Voting closes on 25 September. The winner will be announced during the Big Event on Mental Health on World Mental Health Day...

XIII Argentine Mental Health Congress
By Alberto Trimboli

As part of the program of the XIII Argentine Mental Health Congress and the 6th WFMH Regional Congress, which will be held from October 6 to October 10...

World Mental Health Congress 2021
“Mental health: a global priority”
November 2nd – 5th, 2021.
Central Hall Westminster
Storey’s Gate – London – SW1H 9NH