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Dear Members and Friends,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!  And what a year this will be. Already our legislature has introduced 1000+ bills. Republicans are working against bigger government, higher taxes, and policies that seek to undermine your constitutional rights. Their mantra this year is It's Your Home, Expect More - #YourHomeExpectMore. House Republicans have a new website to keep you informed, click here to try it out - The Ledger. *See other resources below. For the latest from Senate Republicans, follow their website here: Senate Republican Caucus - Republicans Are Working For All Washington.

A recent editorial from the New York Times says Republican women are extinct, but we know that is not true. It is just what the left wants us to believe. Everyday we are stepping up to the plate to advocate, to educate and to lead. We are activists! We are not bench warmers; we are standing in the crowds cheering and making our values heard. My challenge to you is to be the best activist you can be. Be determined and step up like never before. We do not want the left to be the sole voice for American women. As Republican women we do make a difference. Get involved with your local club, keep current on issues, encourage your legislators and stand firm.
A good way to start off the year is by attending WFRW's Day at the Capitol, hosted by Thurston County Republican Women's Club. More information about this event is below.
Our freedoms are at stake, let us all lead right, and make our vision for 2020 clear and focused. #Vision2020

All my best to you!
Dee Drewry, WFRW President
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Important Dates

February 11  =
Special Election

February 19  =
WFRW Day at the Capitol

March 10 = 
Presidential Primary

April 24 - 25 =
WFRW Spring Board Meeting - Wenatchee

April 28 =
Special Election

August 4 =
Primary Election 

October 16 - 17 =
WFRW Fall Board Meeting

November 3 =
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*House Republican Caucus Links - just click on the name:
Candidates for Governor
With six Republican candidates and a couple of Independents there will be a 45-50% divide in the Republican vote for Governor. 

Here is a list of the Republican candidates to date. Click on their name to visit their websites.
Loren Culp
Phil Fortunato 
Joshua Freed
Mathew Mackenzie (no info)
Anton Sakharov
Martin Wheeler

The last day to file as a candidate is May 15th with the Primary Election on August 4th, 2020.
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WFRW Day at the Capitol
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Columbia Room, Legislative Building, Olympia
Day at the Capitol is hosted by Thurston County Republican Women's Club. This year includes time for the  Governor's Mansion tour.
All reservations must be received and prepaid by Wednesday, February 5th.
For more information and to register, please click here: Registration
Being a member of your local Republican women's club helps you be active and effective in the political process. You become educated and informed on local and national issues, develop leadership skills and build lifelong relationships with like-minded people. As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet elected officials and to work to elect Republican candidates. Membership also includes membership in the Washington Federation of Republican Women - WFRW - and the National Federation of Republican Women - NFRW. Part of your dues supports both of these organizations. WFRW members receive Updates email and NFRW members receive the weekly Capital Connection digital newsletter. Look for these in your inbox.
Click here for the latest Capitol Connection in case you missed it.
Membership = Activism, Engagement, Empowerment, Responsibility, #Vision2020