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Dear Members and Friends,

Our world seems a little turned upside down right now, and March Madness is taking on a whole new definition. However, March is also Women's History Month and a good time to remember all the women who have gone before us, endured hardships and succeeded, and who have made significant contributions to our nation. We are also those women.
President Trump is taking decisive action and all the steps necessary to protect our country and each of us. His leadership stands before us, and we support him.
WFRW's social media presence is growing. People are connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, please like us and follow along. It is a good way to keep informed. Recently I did a radio interview on Spokane Right Perspective which is heard on the American Christian Network. A podcast is now available on our website. Speaking of websites, have you visited WFRW's lately? Updating is going on, and you will find new items and more information. So take a look and click on all the tabs here: WFRW 
As we move forward into spring and summer, we will keep you updated on the 2020 election, candidates, events, and club activities. You will also receive information on the focuses of the National Federation of Republican Women - educational choices, human trafficking, and legislative reform. These are also priorities of the Trump Administration. 
Join us in our #2020Vision of empowering women in the political process!

Be informed, keep active, stay strong!
Dee Drewry, WFRW President
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Candidates for Governor

WFRW Spring Board Meeting

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Important Dates

April 24 - 25 =
WFRW Spring Board Meeting - Wenatchee

April 28 =
Special Election

August 4 =
Primary Election 

October 16 - 17 =
WFRW Fall Board Meeting

November 3 =
General Election

Social Media is where it is at!

We are gaining likes and followers. People are engaging with us and learning more about Republican women and our values. We are making a difference. Join with us and be informed.

Candidates for Governor
Here is the latest list of the Republican candidates. Click on their name to visit their websites.
Loren Culp
Tim Eyman
Phil Fortunato 
Joshua Freed
Rich Millard
Anton Sakharov
Martin Wheeler

For other information on these candidates click on these:
WSRP Candidates  
Clark County Republican Party

The last day to file as a candidate is May 15th with the Primary Election on August 4th, 2020.
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The WFRW Spring 2020 Board of Directors Meeting is on April 24-25 in Wenatchee at the Hilton Garden Inn. Friday night's keynote speaker is Brad Dacus, Esq. President and Founder of Pacific Justice Institute.
We are well aware that there are many concerns regarding COVID-19. Along with the hotel, we are monitoring the situation closely. Since our meeting is scheduled for late April, we are proceeding accordingly. If anything changes, we will keep you apprised. As our event approaches and if anyone is not feeling well, we encourage you not to attend.

Please make hotel reservations by April 3rd to receive the special group rate. For all the information, registration and other links, please visit the WFRW website, click here: 

We look forward to seeing all the board members, club members and friends.
In the 2020 legislative session, 3,683 bills were introduced and 2,531 amendments. Of those 470 were passed. One billion dollars was added to the $52.5 billion level of spending in the state budget. No Republicans voted for it.
Republicans also voted no on tax increases, low carbon fuel standard and the most controversial bill of all - Comprehensive Sex Education.
Republican leadership is supporting a referendum against this bill. Parents For Safe Schools has begun the process and you can request a petition from them here: Request Petition .There is a 90 day window to get the number of required signatures to place on the November ballot.
Please be sure to thank your local legislators for their endurance in this very interesting session and their hard work on our behalf.

For more detailed information about the 2020 session, bills that passed and failed, click on these resources:
Washington Votes
nw news network
Shift Washington
WA State Legislature 

Republican House Caucus