May 2020  Edition

Dear Beloved,

Welcome to our Newsletter. We are pleased to be in touch with you again. We hope you are having a really great month. We had waited on the Lord as to what format He desired the conference to take. We were excited when Father God said we were to have an Online conference. Preparations are therefore in full swing for our Online Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020 holding from Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th June.

The expansion really has begun. The conference which was to hold with eleven speakers now has 12. ( See flyer below). We are pleased to have Dr Randy Clark joining the team. What a spiritual feast the Lord is preparing for us. Also, our conference that was supposed to be held in four cities, will now be global..! People are registering for it from all over the world. Our Father loves to go over and above our expectations.

We hope you have registered, and have also sent it to all your contacts. We owe it to everyone we know to pray them in. You don't want someone in Australia to attend this spiritual feast, and your friends and relatives out here are left out. Father God has seen the heartache people have been enduring, and says He is coming Himself to minister to us. Please join us in praying for the success of this conference.

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Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020 (Short Video Clip)

Register Now! Register Now!! Register Now!!!

We are pleased to invite you to our Kingdom Conference, which is themed the  "Kingdom ExpansionConference". 

The  Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020 will be taking place from Wednesday 3rd - Saturday 6th June. It will be a 4-day  online conference.  Each day, there will be 8:00am - 6:00pm teaching and impartation sessions with worship and breaks in between.

Attendance is free but we ask you to please register.

Please register for the conference, as the e-Brochure, prayer link and other relevant information will be sent to those who register.

For More Enquiries Call or SMS; +2347034371401 or +2349063901916.

How To Watch/Join Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020?

The conference will be streaming live on the following platforms.

Lapis Lazuli Ministries Website
Kingdom Expansion Conference Website
Lapis Lazuli Ministries - YouTube Channel
Lapis Lazuli Ministries - Facebook Page
Live Audio Streaming
Please, follow/like/subscribe to our online platforms, to get live notifications.

We earnestly look forward to the great and mighty things the Lord will do in our midst at this year's conference.

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A belief is something we consider to be a fact. It enters into our subconscious and we assume they are truth, and respond to them as such. They may or may not be true. We get most of our core beliefs, when we are young. Our parents, siblings, and school environment all contribute to what we believe during these times. We navigate the world around us based on these core beliefs.

A belief system can be described as an ideology or set of principles that help us interpret our everyday reality. This could be in the form of religion, political affiliation and so on.

Beliefs can be powerful because they affect or modify our behaviour.

They are formed either by our experiences in life over time, or by accepting what others have told or taught us to be true. Beliefs therefore affect what we think about ourselves, others and the world at large. It also influences our emotions, actions and behaviour.

In Proverbs 4 v 23, we are warned to diligently keep our hearts, for out of it springs the issues of life. This means that what we let into our hearts affect our entire being. It affects our outlook and behaviour. It affects our beliefs and influences decisions that we make.

We read that God's ways are different from man's ways (Isaiah 55 v 8-9). This implies that much of what we desire to know about God will only come through our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Our thinking patterns are so different from God's thoughts so we really have to seek Him. As we spend time in the Presence of God, speaking and listening, we will understand more about God's ways and acts. This will then influence our actions causing us to become more like Jesus.

Jesus modelled relationship with His Father for us. 1 John 2 v 6 says whoever says he abides in Him ought to walk and conduct himself in the same way in which He walked and conducted Himself. Father God gave up His Son to die on the Cross so we could be reconciled to His Heart of love.

As we mature in the knowledge and love of God, we will find we are able to yield our hearts more increasingly to the Holy Spirit for Him to examine (Psalms 139 v 1; 1 Corinthians 2 v 10). This will enable our belief system to be scrutinised and see how it aligns with God's word.

As our relationship with Jesus Christ develops more intimately, we will be willing and able to exchange our old belief systems about what Papa is like, with a new one about Papa.

Our ability to trust God is directly related to what we really believe about Him. Notice that I didn't use.." what we say...." about Him.

This is because there is often times a difference in what we say compared to our actions. It's easy to sing all the right words, but sometimes our actions do not quite align because of what is in our belief system drawer. The challenge is that Papa sees our hearts, our motives, and all that's in our belief system drawer. He sees how what's there, affects our ability to trust Him, and to have faith. He sees what is holding us from trusting Him to walk us into our destiny. He knows and understands what is holding us in distrust.

Unbelief is similar to distrust and is referred to as sin. It is closely related because here again, we are choosing not to trust God. We are declaring that we believe the lies the enemy is telling us over the truth of God's Word.

This choice brings the Lord so much sadness as He has done so much to prove His faithfulness to us in every way.

God's love for us is lavish, unconditional, and extravagant causing Him to give His only Son so we could be reconciled to Him. He desires nothing more than that we should trust and believe in Him. Jesus said He came to give us abundant life. (John 10 v 10). Things that may make us want to settle for anything less may be hidden in our belief system drawer.

Let's examine our belief drawer frequently. Let's ask the Holy Spirit to help us. We may find that there may be stuff we ought to throw away and some truths that we need to replace with.

God bless us all.

Testimonies... Lives Transformed...
In this edition, we have a testimony from Dr. Kemi Osunderu who has served as a planning team member for the Kingdom Conferences since its inception in Abuja in 2017.

I had my 1st encounter with the Lapis Lazuli Ministry during the planning of Abuja Kingdom conference in 2017. I remain grateful to Br. Segun Odekunle of CAPRO who introduced me to Lapis. I couldn't make serious impact at the 1st conference because of a ghastly auto accident just before the conference but an amazing thing happened..the show of love by the Bajomos, Sister Toluwani was asked to check on me all the way from Kaduna, she spent the night with me. This drew me closer to the ministry.

I got more involved with the planning of the conferences in Abuja.

I had a reoccurring prayer request. So at the Kingdom Conference of 2019, I decided to present it to father God on the basis of Is 45:19b. Based on this scripture I had the expectation that my heart cry of 10 years was turning to testimony after all. To the glory of God, I put my might, strength & the Grace  God has given me into serving at the conference - God is my witness.

For some of the items for the guest ministers in their hotel, I sowed financially while I prayed thus ' Father, you know my assignment at this year's conference may not allow me sit inside the auditorium but with every utterance of the Pastors that will partake of these items, I receive my full dose of blessings and answer to my long awaited request '.

Please note: during the praise party just before the conference in Abuja, Uncle Bajomo asked if I was ok with my transfer at my work place but I answered No, he prayed that God would answer my prayers & grant my heart desires.

I conclude by saying that God, the father has answered my prayers, granted my heart desires, He has rewarded and compensated me. I thank Him for His restorations.

Praise the Lord!!!

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

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Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for families in Nigeria and all over the world who have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Pray for Father God's continued Hand of protection.

2. Pray for all the Speakers, and worshippers to receive downloads from heaven for those engaging online at home, offices or where data is made available, e.g. viewing centres at the Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020.

3. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh. Pray for a mighty impartation of Gods love and creative miracles, signs, wonders and healings during the conference. Pray for the expansion of God's Kingdom.

4. Pray for unity of the Body of Christ like never before. Pray that denominational walls come down, and revival is ignited in our nation. Pray for the spiritual impact to be felt not only in Nigeria, but worldwide.

5. Pray for the release of Leah.

Calling Intercessors

We would like to ask Intercessors who have attended our Kingdom Conferences and would like to meet in your states to pray for the Nation and for Lapis, to please do so.

Please send contact details of your group to us - OR 07034371401.
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