Volume 3 - Issue 3 
March 2014 

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Recently I had the opportunity to speak to the students of Baruch College Ethics and Etiquette Society about finding opportunities when challenges present themselves. My advice to these inspiring students was to change your perspectives of how you view challenges. Each challenge is an opportunity in the waiting.


In our discussion and exchanges, it became apparent that the following advice is applicable not just to students but to everybody as we go through life. When faced with challenges try the following:


Don't be Afraid to Fail

With each failure or prolonged success, you will learn something about yourself and the next opportunity. From Presidents to Ambassadors to Inventors failures are a part of the development process and teach us the most valuable lessons. Welcome a Failure!


Who are the Members of your Power Circle?

A few years ago, T-Mobile commercialized having a "Fav Five" of People who had priority in your life. Your power circle must have the same type of prioritization. Surround yourself with people who inspire, empower and encourage you. Choose Wisely!


Twenty Feet Away

In the Oscar winning documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom, we learned about extremely talented and unheard of background singers who were so close to center stage but throughout their experiences became discourage, uninspired, impatient amongst other feelings. These are the feelings that prevent us from hanging in there and continue the course towards success. Stay the Course you are So Close!


Hard Work Works

Those of you who are in careers and occasionally ask yourself, am I doing everything possible to succeed? If you think you can achieve more by working harder, why not work harder? The same is true for those of you still looking for jobs. Looking for a job is a job. If you are not looking for a job eight hours a day, you're not looking hard enough. The harder people have worked the luckier they have become. Work Differently!


Our perspective determines our actions so decide to view each challenge as an untapped opportunity. There is someone depending on you - You!




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Charles A. Archer

Founder and CEO


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"People Stuck on Escalator"


Anthony R. Migliore Jr., is a full time student at Baruch College. With only a few months of operations, The Corporate Ethics and Etiquette Society, founded by Anthony, has created and co-sponsored over 50 events with leading Top Executives from Colgate-Palmolive, HBO, Home Depot, IBE Trade Corporation, Syzygy3 and Showtime as well as political leaders and community organizers, who share practical advice and experiences about business and the journey to leadership roles. Anthony and his fellow classmates have teamed up with senior centers, homeless shelters and soup kitchens to help prepare and serve over 3,000 meals for homeless seniors and other people in need. They also have participated in the Autism Speaks walks for autistic individuals; and also have worked with The College Against Cancer in their fight against cancer. 


In 2012, in addition to his other collaborative ventures, Anthony has created another campus organization called The Global Networking Society (GNS). Since its inception, GNS has held numerous events during his tenure as President, inviting speakers to share the importance of contributing to the communities and society through volunteering services. For his GNS work, he was then awarded the Rookie of the Year and Emerging Leader awards at Baruch College.


A students recently said, "when I am look for advice or some type of assistance I call Anthony."


For his efforts and endeavors to assist the student body in having practical career direction, Anthony R. Miligore, Jr. is our March Paddler of the Month.


To see more about the Anthony's work visit: www.ceaesabc.weebly.com.

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