August 24, 2020
Tom O'Shea, CMC

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I am pretty sure it is not what we are all experiencing in this COVID-19 malaise that has us bogged down and generally feeling low.  

Hard as it is to imagine sometimes, I do believe we will find some silver linings as we come out and find the other side of this mushiness (and I am confident that we will).  

One C-19 benefit will be greater appreciation of things we have taken for granted ... social intimacy, freedom to act and go where we please, spending worry-free time with friends and family - and so much more.  I think we will also have grown as a society in awareness and a more positive understanding of basic social equality and justice for all lives. 

Another residual benefit will be greater commitment to adaptability and resilience as individuals, teams and organizations. It is good to remember that Darwin's credo was the  "survival of the most adaptable" and not the strongest.

Transforming your organizations, leader behavior and cultures from being FRAGILE to AGILE is a critical survival strategy ... the essence of creating your FROM/TO.  That is a fundamental proposition that we have worked with our clients for years.   What is the FROM/TO pivot that anchors your future success?

It was nice to see this article from Mckinsey & Co reinforcing this critical proposition as the first priority in transformation.  Do you have clarity and unity behind the FROM/TO transformation that will guide your future success in the post-covid world?

My contact information is listed below - love to discuss how to shape our future agility.

Let me know your thoughts!


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