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Hello Theatre Lovers

Summertime and the living is easy! Well that is what it felt like when I went on this drive. Gosh I needed to get out of my home office! Just finished week #11 of “Working from Home”.
I had a great opportunity on Tuesday to speak “virtually” to the Beaver Valley Probus Club on a ZOOM webinar, about all things theatre! Thank you to Ann Parsons for organizing this and Martin Buscher for taking care of the technical end of things. If you have a Probus Club or other group that would like hear me speak please reach out to me HERE . My topics included the history of Theatre Collingwood, my history, personal theatre experiences back stage, first years at TC, The CACE Group, 2020, and where we go from here.
Tips for a Successful Zoom Meeting

  • We all seem to be doing a lot of ZOOM or Facetime meetings these days and I know for some this can be very stressful. It really doesn’t need to be. A ZOOM call can be a great way to do business or to just connect with friends and family. Once you get past the first one it will be fun. I thought I would give you some tips that I have learned over the last 11 weeks.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. We all look like we have not been to the hairdresser for a while! It’s OK. Embrace it! When I have a ZOOM meeting I take the time to put on my make-up, brush my hair and use a lot of hairspray! I don’t wear a lot of make-up at the best of times but I make sure I put on some lipstick and earrings….. ‘cause that’s just me!
  • Feel free to put on a fun hat, or crazy wig, different glasses, or a tiara! Everyone will get a laugh out of it and it will ease the tension. I actually keep an array of these items at my desk just for fun…but then again I LOVE theatre.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – mount your camera high! In other words if your camera on your computer, IPad or phone is hitting you from below then prop it higher with some books. This has a great effect on how you will look (I learned this from my daughter and this is what all the “kids” are doing!) This is the same woman with the same make-up in both these photos.
  • Check out your background. Make sure you are not showing some part of your house you do not want people to see (i.e. messy dishes, laundry, etc). If you are on ZOOM you can even go into your settings and put a fake background up!
  • Learn where the MUTE button is on the screen. If there is noise in your house then MUTE yourself so others won’t be disturbed. Then UNMUTE when you want to talk.
  • Stay seated. Don’t be getting up and down to do things. Don’t carry your phone or computer around while you do other things. For the time that you are on the call it is best to give the people all your attention. Stay seated. Remember that they are also giving you their time. Tell your housemates that you are off limits during this call.
  • Try not to talk over others because it can just cut out the sound altogether.
  • Try to ensure you have a good internet connection.
  • Try not to join without the video component because half the fun is being able to see each other. However, if you are really shy you can do this.
  • On ZOOM you can use the CHAT option and type any thought you may have while people are speaking. This way they can see it and you won’t forget your point for when it is your turn.
  • Having a moderator for the meeting is a good thing. Someone who will guide the meeting. If people are getting way off topic the moderator should bring it back quickly. Remember that everyone’s time is valuable.
  • Arrive at the ZOOM meeting at least 5 minutes early, so the meeting can start on time. This gives you time to check your volume and to see that you can get on the call properly.
  • Last but not least, especially at this time, take advantage of this opportunity to see people and engage. Remember that everyone can see you so if you are really bored excuse yourself and leave the meeting. Come prepared, contribute to the call. And have fun!
Thank you to John Edwards and The Collingwood Connection for the article this week!
The Shows Must Go On!
Starting May 29th The Shows Must Go On takes you back to Baltimore & the 60's with HAIRSPRAY LIVE! Available for 48 hours on YouTube. Hairspray Live! tells the story of Tracy Turnblad (with Maddie Baillio), a plump teen in 1962 Baltimore who wins a spot on a local TV dance program and ignites a campaign to integrate the show. The three-hour live event is directed by Tony Award-winner Kenny Leon and features choreography from Tony Award-winner Jerry Mitchell. The all-star cast includes Kristin Chenoweth, Harvey Fierstein, Ariana Grande, Derek Hough, Jennifer Hudson and Martin Short. - 2016 Universal Studios.

Congratulations to Thom Allison!
Thom is a friend of Theatre Collingwood and was to perform in our show A NIGHT IN VEGAS this June. This show has been postponed and we will let you know when we have a new date. This week Thom won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as “Pree” in the sci-fi show KILLJOYS! Thom is such a multitalented individual and we can’t wait to have him back to Theatre Collingwood!
Chris Tsujiuchi and Kevin Wong – Theatre Collingwood Favourites!
Chris and Kevin have put together their version of Jan Arden’s song “Mother” and it is magnificent. They are both so talented. Chris is a very special person to me, and the exciting news was that JAN ARDEN ACTUALLY COMMENTED ON HOW MUCH SHE LOVED IT! Bravo guys! Check it out:

Amazing Father & Daughter Team
Most people have heard Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s song from A Star Is Born but this rendition of “Shallow” by Dave Crosby and his 7 year old daughter, Claire, is pretty amazing! This duo has been claiming fame on social media. You will see why. Claire has a maturity that is quite remarkable. You may have even seen them on The Ellen Show!

Have a happy & healthy week, everyone! Here’s to when we may gather again for more great theatre!


Erica Angus
Executive Director, Theatre Collingwood
My theatre venue choice for the week is The Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.
Interior of one performance space