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MINI-Conx Series Connectors
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Colour Co-ordinate
your Mating Parts
Assorted Range of
 Molding Material
UV stable Compounds.
Material now available in a variety of Colours

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on the Molding.

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As a result of an increased demand for

We have purchased our
"3rd Overmolding Machine"
What is Plasma Wand Technology?

Plasma technology is based on
a simple physical principal.

Matter changes its state when energy is supplied to it: solids becomes liquid, and liquids becomes gaseous.

If even more energy is supplied to a gas, it is ionised and goes into the energy-rich  plasma  state, which is the fourth state of matter.  

When preparing a cable to be overmolded, we use the Plasma Wand Technology
to change the Molecular Structure of the coating of the cable's Jacket.

This process then allows us to successfully bond "Molding Material" to any Cable Jacket.
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