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  • 10-year Food Photography Montage
  • Whole Health Everyday's journey & Rebecca's Story
  • Chef Suzanne Spotlight
  • Chef Courtney's Health Tip
  • Greek New Years & Spanakopita Recipe
  • Cheryl Archer and WHE Team Training
  • Food and Health News We're Reading
~ In Our Kitchen ~
Upcoming Services & Announcements
Check out just a few of our chefs creations from the past ten years. Ten years of cooking every day for our clients across Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Western Massachusetts. Thanks for being apart of our health journey and letting us be part of yours!

Over the past ten years, Whole Health Everyday has grown leaps and bounds just as the culinary industry around us has. We began in Orange County, California and have since expanded to include San Diego County, Las Vegas, Western Massachusetts, and Arizona!

Our services began with meal delivery and while we have seen more iterations of this type of service, we have really come into our own with our in-home personal chef services. Our chefs love working one on one with clients to craft custom meal plans and then the chef prepares the food in their home. This leads us to dinner parties, catering for flights and boating, cooking lessons, and because our chefs never stop learning and growing with us, they bring new services to the table - such as Chef Brett's Lifestyle Meal Assessment Plans.

Over the years we have also built strong relationships with other health professionals such as nutritionists, fitness coaches, medical providers, and others to meet our clients' whole health needs. Our chefs love the opportunity to support clients in their health endeavors and help them reach new goals!

We have accomplished a lot in the past ten years and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow, helping as many people along in their health journey as possible.

Chef Rebecca is the owner and founder of Whole Health Everyday. The Laguna Culinary Arts Professional Chef Graduate enjoys healthy cooking for a healthy lifestyle. She started Whole Health Everyday with the idea of helping people who had health challenges eat better foods, but not lose out on the flavor and all the comfort foods they desired. She wanted to help people who suffered like she had. 

After many years of suffering and seeking out alternative health professionals’ advice when the doctors didn’t know what was wrong, she finally began to get better with the help of holistic nutritionist, Kristi Acuna. She found out she had many food allergies and came to be frustrated with the restrictions it put on her diet. After culinary school and learning fabulous techniques and how to be not just a good cook, but a great chef, she wanted to take those skills and help people – not just feed people but use food as medicine and truly feed their souls.

Rebecca and her team of chefs in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Arizona specialize in helping people meet dietary requirements and preferences through planning and preparing nutritious meals in a range of services from weekly meals to dinner parties. Working with clients to meet their unique needs and preparing high quality food is their passion. 

She also has a passion for art. She creates paintings that celebrate the female form, tell stories of women, and show the deep emotions of the moments captured. In July 2017, her art was featured at Hearts for Andrea, an art show and benefit, and then again in May of 2018 with Artists with Heart. Most recently, her paintings were on display at Huge Rivera Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. 
~ Chef Spotlight ~
Whole Health Everyday chefs are not your ordinary chefs!
Our chefs are focused on health. They have top safety certifications, continually stay educated and trained on new health and food knowledge, and are passionate about working one on one with clients to give them the best food for them!
Chef Suzanne - California
Chef Suzanne brings over 30 years of industry experience communicating effectively and understanding the expectations and goals of each of her clients. Starting with beautiful ingredients is key to any and all of Suzanne's creations. Preferences for local, seasonal and sustainable products are the roots of her gastro philosophy.

Specialty Diet Cuisine expertise: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, Keto, vegetarian, plant based, vegan, low sugar and low-fat
~ Featured Health Tip ~
One of Chef Courtney's culinary specialties is cooking for the keto diet. She has honed her knowledge and expertise in this area and has come up with a proven weight loss diet. In fact, she currently is cooking for a client who has lost 15 pounds in 2 months while on this diet!
~ Featured Recipe ~
As we ring in the new year I was reminded of my very good friend and neighbor from a past chapter of my life. Their family is part Polish and part Greek. We grew very close over the years and I was always invited to partake in their family dinners and parties. Greek New Year was and still is always a BIG deal! 
~ Partner Spotlight~
WHE works with your clients to keep them on track with your recommended plans.
Cheryl Archer recently hosted a virtual Professional Skills workshop during the Whole Health Everyday team's monthly training. She delivered an engaging, interactive workshop that brought us closer together even when we're miles apart. We learned more about each other and gained new resources to help make us stronger chefs and a stronger team. Cheryl has worked with many different companies and organizations over the years and always inspires progress.
~Articles Our Chefs Are Reading~
Our chefs are continuously educating themselves on the latest news and information in the world of food and health. Here are some of the articles our chefs are reading today:

"The Science Behind New Year's Resolutions" - Our clients talk about New Year's resolutions every year and they are difficult to stick to! This article talks about how you can reach your goals!

"Taking Action to Reduce Deforestation, Child Labor" - How producers of cocoa, palm oil, and soybeans are addressing key concerns.

"Add Some Spice for Immunity Benefits" - How strong is your immune system?

Tell us what you're reading about food and health!
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