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"Time Management" by Rebecca Clubb, Owner & Founder
Whole Health Everyday started after a personal health experience convinced me that there had to be a better way. Every day since, I have sought out to empower people with health challenges to eat better foods, while NOT losing out on the flavor and all the comfort foods they craved. 
Rebecca Clubb, founder

Now serving Southern California (LA, OC, SD), Las Vegas, and Phoenix/Scottsdale
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Feed your family meals you know will satisfy without the burden of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Unlike other meal delivey services, these recipes are created in-house by a professional chef who understands health from many angles and what clients want! 

Menus and recipes created by chef Brett Hickey, WHE chef & Education and Quality Control Director. Our recipes are all organic and grass-fed/free-range as much as possible. We only use the best oils for cooking such as avocado oil, never ever canola or corn oils.  These meals represent all WHE and Rebecca Clubb, owner stands for! 

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  1. Country scramble w/ roasted tomatoes, turkey bacon, sweet potato hash browns & spicy ketchup (gf) 4 servings, $75
  2. Stuffed sweet potato with black beans, sauted veggies and topped with salsa & side salad with vinaigrette(Vegetarian) 4 servings, $75
  3. Tomatillo chicken with roasted zucchini and brown rice & side salad with vinaigrette (df, gf) 4 servings, $75
  4. Coconut amino teriyaki sirloin steak with sauted bok choy and green tea quinoa (df, gf) 4 servings, $75

~ Articles~

Owner, Rebecca Clubb, releases articles weekly through her LinkedIn page about topics in the food & health industry.
Making progress in your health journey means making time for you, but somehow that always seems impossible. Where can I find an extra 30 minutes in the day when I already struggle with my schedule? How can I add in a work out, meditation, therapy session, or cook dinner? There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Or so you might believe.
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