Most of you know I'm a healthcare consultant. My work with Partners for Care is pro bono so my consulting work supports me and allows me the time I need to do the work of PFC and travel to Kenya 5-6 times a year. I have passion for both - consulting to nursing homes and working in Kenya.

There is a place where my consulting work and my work with PFC come together. The place is Penny Farm Retirement Community in Florida where I consult for the nursing home. There is a Mobility Worldwide shop on campus. When I visit the nursing home I also get to visit the shop and meet all the volunteers who assemble the mobility carts. Some of their carts go to Kenya where PFC staff distribute them. It is exciting for me to see the carts being assembled and equally exciting for the volunteers to hear stories of how the carts they make are changing lives.

I also work with Leading Age Florida, an association that provides advocacy and education for nursing homes. Leading Age Florida recently featured the story of Mobility Worldwide Penny Farm in their January magazine. The article is titled Mercy in Motion and the featured recipient is one of the 3,000 who has received mobility carts from Partners for Care.

Knowing all the men and women associated with Mobility Worldwide Penny Farm and all the mobility shops is one of the many blessings from my work with PFC.   
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