Congratulations to Barb, Ann Marie, and Georgeanne, recent "graduates" of the TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 course at Pitkin County Senior Services in Colorado!
WHO Disappoints: The Missed Opportunity of the World Health Organization Guidelines for Preventing Dementia

It is safe to say that prevention is one of the few areas of dementia research that have seen significant recent scientific advancement. The opportunity to provide evidence-based guidance on steps we can take to potentially lower risk for significant memory disorders has meaningfully increased, even as progress in other areas such as early detection and pharmacological treatments has been set back. KEEP READING>
Dr. Green Talks About Brain Health on WJLP's Jersey Matter s. Dr. Cynthia Green was recently on WJLP Me-TV3 New Jersey/New York' s "Jersey Matters" with host Larry Mendte where she shared the latest brain health science with their viewers! Click HERE to watch the replay.

Dr. Green to Speak at ICAA Fall Conference in Orlando. Dr. Green will join an esteemed group of colleagues offering insights at the International Council on Active Aging's annual meeting October 10th-12th. Click HERE to learn more. 
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