Spring is officially here, folks. At least according to the calendar. Yea!! If you are reading this you have survived Winter(at least so far). And this time of year, soon sun, flowers, green grass, etc. will be bursting forth. Great time to dust off the cobwebs and refocus on all the good things that lie ahead. And...get back to basics on what affects everything. That would be our attitude, focus, outlook, persistence and belief in ourselves.
A perfect example of these would be an old "little hero" of mine mentioned in a previous newsletter and easy to find on the internet. That would be the little wrestler named Isaiah Bird. Love this guy! Now, I have a new hero....Rob Mendez.
Please, watch the WHOLE thing. Interesting, inspiring and real!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed the video and the message(s). There was a lot there if you chose to hear them. But for me, key takeaways(other than Rob himself) were as follows:

- Believe in YOURSELF
- Believe in what you're doing
- Believe in your teammates
- Do NOT judge a book by it's cover
- We are a family no matter what; show some love to each other
- No obstacle is too big
- When you're chance comes, be ready
Thanks for reading and watching this month. I hope you got something out of this. And to quote Rob, "It's go time"! Who says I can't....NOBODY!
Dave G

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