These days we all have a bit more time to spend surfing the internet for our militaria fix. There are no BIG shows, the auction prices and commissions are high and overpriced shipping charges drive us all nuts! You probably are finding more sites and items to choose from and sometimes those prices for what looks like the same item can be puzzling.
So, you need to ask yourself a few questions
  • How do you feel when you try to call a dealer and nobody answers the phone even during business hours?
  • Do you get frustrated when you leave a message and nobody gets back to you in a timely fashion?
  • Does it feel even worse when you lose an item because a lot of time went by before you got a response only to find out that the item had sold.
  • Do you get mad when days go by before you get answers to an email...or maybe not at all?
  • When you do reach the dealer, do you feel like you are getting friendly, professional, yet courteous, attention and the right answers?
  • You have questions about an item but can’t get answers, so you go ahead and buy it anyway and then you're disappointed in the condition.
  • Are you peeved when you get through to the dealer, only to find out the item sold weeks ago, but he hasn’t had time or bothered to remove it from his site?
  • Does it irk you when you get hassled about returning something?
  • Do you find many dealers that offer very flexible, short and long term, interest free layaway plans?

  • Do you shake your head when "shipping and handling" costs are more than you expected?
  • Does it piss you off when it takes days, and sometimes weeks before your order gets shipped?
Guess what? You are not alone!
We feel the same way!
Now, apply all of these questions to your past and present experiences with The Ruptured Duck. We try our best to put a smile on everybody's face and, from the feedback you've given us over and over again, it appears that it's working.
Your feedback motivates us to maintain, and even improve, the quality of our services. We go to the post office five days a week and UPS and FedEx pick up at our office Monday through Friday. 99% of orders are shipped out the same day they are purchased. Even better, in case you haven't noticed, we negotiated better rates from UPS and FedEx and passed those savings along to you!
You are our "bread and butter" and