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Distance Learning at Woodside
(Due to COVID-19, Woodside High School students have been engaged in distance learning since March.)
Since returning to school, other students and I have embarked into completely unfamiliar territory. Beginning my junior year under these circumstances seemed like a daunting task, and I did not know what to expect. I worried about how I would be able to bond with my fellow classmates and teachers through a computer screen. I did not know if I would be able to learn all the required material with our shortened school hours. Online school, I have found, is not all bad.
I worried about how I would be able to bond with my fellow classmates and teachers through a computer screen.
One of the main perks is having only four synchronous days of school a week and having shorter class periods. Although this means I end up spending more time studying and doing homework, I definitely get more sleep than I did while in in-person school. There are also some unexpected challenges. Many upperclassmen are struggling to take standardized tests such as the SAT, as month after month tests get cancelled. Some of classmates and friends struggle under the isolation of online school, which has taken a toll on their academic performance and mental health.
Some of classmates and friends struggle under the isolation of online school, which has taken a toll on their academic performance and mental health.
Every week we spend in distance learning, we learn about the process. Teachers and students alike have to cooperate and be understanding through these difficult and sometimes trying times. Distance learning is not always easy, but at the end of the day it helps to remember that everybody is struggling through this time together.

-Amelie DeLeon, WHS Junior
Some Students Are Back!
Stable Athletic Cohorts of are back on campus for conditioning. The cohorts consist of 16 individuals students (including the coach) for Cross Country, Softball, Football, Girls and Boys Water Polo, Swimming, Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls and Boys Soccer, Cheer, Dance, Golf, and Volleyball. As of now, Fall sports seasons (Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Water Polo) are still scheduled to start December 14, with Winter and Spring sports seasons scheduled to begin in February and March respectively.

Also,15-student Connectivity Cohorts are on campus during the school day for support. These are for students experiencing ongoing lack of connectivity issues despite Chromebook and hotspot distribution.
Expanded Access from Spring Fund-a-Need
Before the coronavirus pandemic, Woodside’s existing mental health counselors were stretched by increased student need especially with rising costs and diminishing funding opportunities.

But thanks to the Woodside High School Foundation's Spring, 2020 Fund-A-Need, "Mental Health Matters," which raised over $126K for Mental Health Services, WHS has secured more mental health counselors to meet current demand, which is understandably high. This means that a high-level of care through on-line counseling sessions are available to any Woodside High School student in need, with no waiting lists.
Helping Those Who Need It Most
During distance learning, WHS there was an immediate need to step up supports for those most at-risk. Here are just a few of those steps WHS took to address issues affecting low-income and English Learner students.
  • Translated paper copies of all documents for at-home learning (bell schedule, Zoom and Canvas directions, FAQs) and provided these to parents and students lacking reliable online access.
  • Created connectivity cohorts during the school day on campus to support students without reliable internet. This includes transportation and multi-meal pickup.
  • Distributed Chromebooks, headphones, and Sprint hotspots.
  • Partnered with Comcast to bring wireless to the entire household where Comcast pays for first three months and the district pays $10 month for as long as student is enrolled.
  • Supplied bags to support at-home learning with binders, paper, pens and pencils, highlighters, composition notebooks, ruler, sticky notes, white board. 
  • Connected with families via ZOOM during the day and evenings with student teachers and bilingual parent coordinator and provided home visits by AVPs for supplies or computer exchange.
Holiday Pecan Cheesecake Pie
Even during the pandemic, the Cooking and Culinary Arts classes are happening virtually at Woodside! Students pick up ingredients from school, watch demonstrations from the teacher on zoom, and make the recipes at home!
This recipe shared by Erin Kilty, Culinary Arts Lead Teacher, is a fan favorite with students and staff.
Now More Than Ever...
There is more at stake this year given the financial demands brought on by the changed -- and changing -- educational landscape.

Will you consider supporting your fellow Woodside High School students with a donation to the WHS Foundation today?

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