DECEMBER 3, 2021

Hi Markers of Weequahic Time, 
E-mail changes:
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Marvin Schlanger (65) --
Irwin Fishman (Irvington (6/56) notes spouse’s passing:

 It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the passing of my wife and Weequahic alumni Diane Schainman Fishman (1/61). Diane and I were married for 58 years and she was the beloved mother of two and grandmother of four. After Weequahic, she attended Jersey City State.
Living in Central Jersey, we were able to take drives to many places we had in common with those fortunate enough to be raised in the Weequahic section of Newark. Many talk about Watson Bagels, however; there also was Dairyland ice cream, Mings Chinese Restaurant, Beth Israel Hospital, Syd's Hot Dogs and many more sites. A recent journey to Newark was taken down Chancellor Avenue to Bergen Street and down Mapes Avenue where Diane lived for many years. She would often tell me stories of how things were in the "Good Old Days." Most of all, going to Bradley Beach at the Jersey Shore; her favorite pizza restaurant was Vic's at Main and Evergreen. Irwin
Correction and reunion date change:

 Dennis Estis (65) and Marvin Kaleky (Hillside 55) note correctly that Hela Yungst graduated Hillside HS in 1967, not 68.
The WHS Class of 1965 reunion will be held the weekend of October 21, 2022 at the
Hilton Garden Inn, Springfield, NJ. Please contact me for info on the event: Dennis
Howard Klein (66), Gil Lustig (1/60) and Jac Toporek (6/63) share “Small-Weequahic-World tales:

 First cool, autumn day in Austin, I’m wearing an orange WHS Alumni hoodie, walking across a parking, when I hear someone call out, “Weequahic!” Guy in a van driving by saw my sweatshirt. Not a WHS grad, instead a counselor at the Weequahic Day Camp in the Poconos. There was a brief exchange; we both laughed at the connection and moved on. But living in Texas, far away from our Newark terra-ferma and hearing someone shout out Weequahic pronounced correctly was music to my ears! Howard
Below is my story of crossing paths with Paul Hilf. Paul graduated from WHS in 1953 or 54. He knew my sister but I never had any contact with him until many years later. In 1959, I was hired by the neighborhood pharmacy, Rubin Brothers, to deliver medicine and sell cigarettes when not delivering. I was replacing a person by the name of Paul Hilf. In the 1970’s I was teaching and living in Edison, NJ. I was interested in taking a photography class at Middlesex County College. I missed the deadline to register for the class. Someone told me to call the Middlesex County College Administrator and ask if he could get me registered. He did. His name was Paul Hilf.
In the 1980’s I was living in East Brunswick, NJ. I was on the Board of Directors for our community’s HOA. Part of my responsibility was to make sure homeowners maintained their property and fixed items that needed repair. We had to fine a property owner for failure to fix and maintain the wooden fence that enclosed his backyard. The owner of the house was Paul Hilf.

In 1999, we moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. One day my wife and I were shopping in the local supermarket. I was standing by the pharmacy when suddenly, someone bumped into me. The person looked familiar, and when he said his name, I was shocked. It was Paul Hilf. He also moved to Arizona and lived in a community very close to ours. Incidentally, the pharmacist behind the counter was Bob Berkowitz who graduated from Weequahic in 1959. In 2011, I organized a reunion of Weequahic High School Alumni living in Arizona. 150 People attended this reunion lunch. Of course, one of them was Paul Hilf.

Recently my lifelong friend, Bobby Cohen, passed away. When I posted this sad news on Facebook, I received a message from a Lynn Cohen that she was married to Bob Cohen, and he was very much alive. Of course, this was a different Bob Cohen. However, it turns out that Lynn’s maiden name was Hilf, and her brother is Paul Hilf.

For some strange reason, Paul and I crossed paths many times throughout our lives. I guess, no matter where you go you will find someone from Weequahic High School all over the world. Gil

Jac Toporek (6/63)
As a fan and season ticket holder for Rutgers’ Women Basketball, from time-to-time paths cross with interesting and notable members of the audience. Before the start of a recent game at the recently renamed “Jersey Mike’s Arena, a masked gentleman passed by in the row in front of where my daughter Rachel and I were sitting. Rachel pointed out (which I had missed) that the individual was wearing a hat and sweatshirt emblazoned with the “Weequahic HS” name and logo. Her prompt motivated me to sorta call out, “Hey Weequahic.” The gentleman turns, I put out my hand and introduce myself as “Weequahic, Class of June 1963.” He responds, “Rashon Woods, Weequahic women’s basketball coach.” I was very impressed to build a team of student athletes and make team membership a productive and meaningful experience. “Good luck, Coach Woods.” We are pictured, below.  Jac

Toby Stein Udine (1/63) shares WHS “Second Generational Pride:” 

Our son Michael Udine was sworn in as Mayor of Broward County in Florida by my husband Morey Udine. His whole family was there. We are so proud of Michael and are so lucky to be able to witness this wonderful moment pictured, below. Toby
Additional responses to Tom Boose’s (1/59) suggestion on reunions for multiple classes: 

Judy Epstein Rothbard (6/58)
About 40 members of our class (myself included) were originally members of the January, 1959 class and chose to skip a semester in high school so we could graduate in June and go to college in September. At our 50th, 55th and 60th reunions we included the class of January, 1959. About 20 people attended (Tom Boose was one of them) at the following reunions only 1 or 2 people came. The only thing we asked was that someone from that class be in charge of tracking down addresses of the class members, probably the hardest part of the job. The connection is not between the classes of the same year but June and the following January. Judy
Rona Mark Hodes (1/63)
I agree with Rich Siegel (62) and Jeff Golden (6/63) that January and June aren’t enough. I also had friends in the June, 1962 and June, 1963 classes. Having three years together makes a lot more sense. Plus, the high school had four years of people we ran into and we’re involved with, like myself, as a majorette and in some social clubs. So, at our age I think it would be nice to see people at least in three-year blocks.  Rona
Susan Handler Gibbs (1/62)
The classes of 1962 have been doing joint reunions since our 25th. In May of 2022, we will celebrate our 60th. It’s worked wonderfully all these years, and we, the joint reunion committee, highly recommend the collaboration. Susan
Jerry Field (6/59)
Tom Boose is absolutely correct, both reunions should be at the same time. Jerry 
Steve Epstein (6/63)
Tom Boose, another part of the great Weequahic basketball legend, has a wonderful idea. Sadly, for me and I’m sure others, our traveling days are over. So best wishes to all of you from an aging Weequahicite living in Illinois. Steve 
Howard Burakof (6/56)
For us who are down here in Florida, before the pandemic we had an all-class reunion each year in March. Ray Kirschbaum organized the affair and it had large turn outs until a few years ago. Howard
Beryl Lieff Benderly (6/60)
I also favor combining classes for reunions. As one of the many students who went to summer school to move from a January-graduating class to a June class, I had many friends in both June 1960 and January 1961. I had a wonderful time at reunions of my official June graduating class. Then the Class of January 61 was also kind enough to invite us former classmates who had moved up to attend their 50th reunion. I so enjoyed spending the weekend with people I hadn’t seen in so many years.
So, I’m sure It would be even more fun to have both of the classes I had been part of together at one larger reunion. For this to work for those of us who moved up a half year, the reunions would have to include a June class and the January class from the next calendar year, not the January and June classes of the same calendar year. To my recollection, people did not go to summer school in order to move out of a June class and graduate in January, so they would not have been members of both of the classes in a single calendar year. Beryl

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