I was reflecting on a quote from St. Francis of Assisi:

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

Many people look to St. Francis of Assisi as an inspiration for living boldly for God. He was a beacon of light in a dark world. August is an anniversary month here at Holy Family Radio. With God’s blessing, we begin our twelfth year on the air. You are a part of this “small candle”. Holy Family Radio has, against all odds, not only survived, but also flourished. Your belief in and support of WHYF sustain our apostolate. Thank you and congratulations.

I am also beginning my third year as Station Manager. I am blessed and honored to work with such a great team of volunteers and staff. I began as a volunteer many years ago. Here is a photo me back in August of 2011. That's me painting the office I now sit in! We never know where God will send us. Thanks again for your prayers.

Joe Nebistinsky
Station Manager
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On August 25 we will celebrate the anniversary of that day in 2011 when we heard five special words for the very first time—“THIS IS HOLY FAMILY RADIO.” Tears of gratitude and joy flowed freely when these words were heard. A dream that began on May 25, 2001 finally became a reality. We had a Catholic radio station that would serve the people of the Diocese of Harrisburg.

Jesus told Peter, “Feed My Sheep” and it is the mission of Holy Family Radio to continue to follow the words of Jesus by bringing God’s Word to our listeners. At our weekend Masses we are inspired by the homilies of our hard working priests and our many programs offer a continuation of that inspiration each day.

As our listeners know, Holy Family Radio is totally listener supported and we are grateful for the financial support of everyone who keeps us on the air. We appreciate all donations, no matter how small, and monthly donations are especially helpful.

When you financially support Holy Family Radio, you know how your donation is being used when you turn on the dial and hear the programs. Your financial support has another benefit. A Rosary is offered each day for all of our supporters. You can’t beat that! You hear what your support does and Mary hears our prayers for you.

As we celebrate another anniversary, we pray that you will continue to support the station and that Holy Family Radio will celebrate many more anniversaries in the years to come.

May the Holy Family always walk with you and grant you many blessings.

Spiritual Advisor's Corner
This time of year, I could eat watermelon, every day. I love it so much. But aside from its sweetness, it also has a ton of water. Apparently, for every cup of fruit, it yields a half-cup of water. It's almost half water! It needs to soak in everything around it in order to produce its sweetness and color. It gets its color, flavor and name from the water that falls around it.

We are like watermelon, and all things that come from the earth. We soak in whatever is in the ground around us. That can be our culture, it can be our family, and it can certainly be our faith. We soak in whatever is in our environment. And we have control over that. Sometimes at night, I'll watch a show on TV that, while it's not evil, it does not really lift me up. If I wake up the next day and I am sad or angry for no reason, I believe I am that way because the last thing that I soaked in was not good.

However, we have the great gift of our faith, which not only is a supplement, but alsoTHE key nutrient. If we take in Our Lord through the Sacraments and feed ourselves in prayer and in good relationships, seeking to avoid sin (and going to Confession when we fail to do so), we will soak everything we need to live a contented and joyful life here on earth and eternal life in Heaven. God bless you and enjoy the summer - and the watermelon!

Fr. Timothy Sahd
WHYF Spiritual Advisor


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Update from Russ Fry
WHYF Community Relations Coordinator

Welcome to the dog days of August! Things are heating up this month with two more parish festivals to attend. Holy Family Radio will be at both the Holy Spirit Parish Festival in Palmyra on August 5-6 and St. Ann Byzantine Parish Festival on in Harrisburg August 27. for their festival. As always, we welcome the opportunity to meet with our listeners and cultivate new friends. Come visit our tent and spend a little time with us.

Did you know that we have ten locally produced shows? Candid Catholic Convos is produced and sponsored by the Diocese of Harrisburg. We also produce our Meditation Minute and the Parish Bulletin Board, also sponsored by the Diocese. Our Central Pennsylvania Voices is produced and hosted by our Station Manager, Joe Nebistinsky. Reflections from the Heart is sponsored by Stewardship – A Mission of Faith and hosted by David Abel; Knight Talk is hosted by our Senior Producer, Joe Murphy and co-hosted by Mike Yakubick. In the News is hosted by Judy Dezagottis and co-hosted by Father Bill Weary. The Family Show is hosted by Eleanor Rossman with Randy and Brenda Lee and Life Lines and Positively Pro-Life are produced by PA Pro-Life Federation and hosted by Maria Gallagher. Of these ten shows, you will notice that only a few are funded by a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor a show, please contact me at or 717-460-3111.

To see when our shows are airing, go to our website: Schedule | 720whyf. To learn more about these shows, go to Local Shows | 720whyf on our website. While you are at our website, please check out all of the great content found there.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you at the festivals!
Local Show Spotlight

Candid Catholic Convos
Candid Catholic Convos, the newest weekly program produced by the Diocese of Harrisburg, is hosted by Rachel Troche. Each week, listeners can expect to hear honest and engaging interviews mixed with actionable strategies for easy implementation into their lives to help them grow closer to God. Listen Sundays at 10:00 am, with an encore on Mondays at 12:00 noon.
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Special thanks to our engineer, Gary Gruver. He was able to locate and install replacement parts for our aging transmitter. After several months, we are now able to transmit at full power!
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The month of August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Since the 16th century Catholic piety has assigned entire months to special devotions. The month of August is traditionally dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The physical heart of Mary is venerated (and not adored as the Sacred Heart of Jesus is) because it is united to her person and is the seat of her love (especially for her Divine Son), virtue, and inner life. Such devotion is an incentive to a similar love and virtue.
O Mary Immaculate, inflame our hearts with one ray of the burning love of thy pure heart.
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Joke of the Month
A reporter for a local TV station was interviewing an 84-year-old woman who had just gotten married for the fourth time. The interviewer asked her questions about her new husband. He's a Funeral Director, she replied. The reporter asked if she wouldn't mind talking about the previous husbands and what they did for a living. She paused and then said with a smile that she first married a Banker. After he died, she wed a Circus Ringmaster. Widowed again, she married a man who later became a Deacon at their parish. Finally, after she outlived him, she married the Funeral Director. The interviewer was quite astonished that she married men would such diverse careers. “Not at all,” she told him. "I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go!”
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AUGUST 15, 2022
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