February 2022

I have been driving weekly to Schuylkill County to visit my family weekly for several months. My route takes me on a road where someone has a hand-painted sign that reads: "GOD WINS." Each time I drive past it, it causes me to think about just what that means. I suppose it could mean different things to different people. The way I see it, He has already won: when He sent His Son to save us, He did. It reminds me of an old song where the chorus is, "It is finished!" Yes, we need to say our "yes" to this invitation to our salvation, but He has done the work for us. He opened the gates of Heaven. Now it is our turn to act. We are His hands and feet. That is my take on it, but I am sure others will have differing ideas. The sign does at least cause us to think. I feel that is a good thing. I challenge you to think about what "GOD WINS" means to you.

We have many exciting things happening here at Holy Family Radio including new supporters, a mobile app and sensational Spring/Summer plans. Please pray for the Staff, Volunteers and Board of Holy Family Radio.

Joe Nebistinsky
Station Manager
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Spiritual Advisor's Corner
Don't you love the hype of the weather forecasters? I guess it's February, so what else is there to look forward to, other than snow? But the pattern is always the same. About a week out from a storm, the forecast is, "10-14 inches!" As the week progresses, there's tremendous buildup. Then, about two days out from the storm, the totals start to decrease. The reason most times is "the storm is pulling in warm air and a lot of this will change to rain." Isn't it something how the rain and snow know where I-81 is, since that's always the rain-snow line! Then, about a day before, the forecast gets drastically reduced. "Just 1-3 inches!"

The hopes of school children get dashed everywhere, and everyone, even those who are inconvenienced by snow, are sad. Why? Because again, what else is there to look forward to in February?

We are so often let down by the things of this world: our sports teams, our friends and family, the weather, everything. However, our God never lets us down. He is there with us through the struggles, through the pains and through the triumphs. The Cross is a sign that He goes even to the lowest depths of humanity to save us, both from our physical pain and from sin. Even at our lowest, He is there. 

So, while we may place our hopes in tangible things here that give us momentary hope or happiness, there is only One who gives us eternal hope and eternal joy. He alone is reliable. Even in these dull winter months where we are tempted to cling to food, drink or other entertainments that never truly satisfy, let's look toward our God to be our center, our core and our Rock. God bless you!
Fr. Timothy Sahd
We Now Have Our Own App!
One year ago our Board of Directors decided that we should develop our very own app. While the process took several months, we are happy to announce that our new FREE app launched on January 18th. This multi-function app has several helpful features: one-touch listening, Program Schedule, one-touch calling, Facebook button, and a website link. The app was especially designed to be very easy to use. Please download it today!

Supporter of the Month
St. Ann Byzantine
Catholic Church
Special thanks to
St. Ann Byzantine Catholic Church
5408 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Their website is
Update from Russ Fry
WHYF Community Relations Coordinator

The New Year has just started and now it’s February. Wow, time sure flies. It is already a year since I was hired as the Community Relations Coordinator. It has taken a while, but I’m now working on one of the goals that I have had for some time. We have started reaching out to the local parishes to develop a working relationship with them. We hope to promote their various events and news and announce happenings of the Station through their Bulletins and Pulpit announcements. This should help to build stronger Catholic communities in the Diocese.
February will see us planning for our Spring Pledge Drive. It will be happening the second week of March. Lent will have started then, so we might just call it our 2022 Lenten Pledge Drive. Lent is a time of reflection and giving alms. What better way of giving alms than to donate to Holy Family Radio? We are even open to accepting Widow’s Mites.
April may seem far away, but the way we blew through January, the Benefit Dinner is just around the corner. Planning continues and we have started doing things like collecting door prizes. If you have anything that you would like to donate as a door prize, please let me know. If you are a business and can donate party platters or bottles of wine for the dinner, please call us.
Finally, last year’s online auction was a great success for our first time effort. We decided to have another online auction this year. The date hasn’t been decided yet, so watch for that coming your way.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all and may God bless!
Central Pennsylvania Voices
Join Host Joe Nebistinsky for Central Pennsylvania Voices on Mondays at 12:30 PM, with an encore at 10:00 AM on Fridays. The show features conversations with real people from our area who are living their faith. Listen for interesting talk as guests share about their families, careers and their faith journey.
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February 2022

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Jimmy Akin is an internationally known author and speaker. As the senior apologist at Catholic Answers, he has more than twenty-five years of experience defending and explaining the Faith.
Jimmy is a convert to the Faith and has an extensive background in the Bible, Theology, the Church Fathers, Philosophy, Canon Law, and Liturgy.
Jimmy is a weekly guest on the EWTN Radio Program Catholic Answers Live, a regular contributor to Catholic Answers Magazine, and a popular blogger and podcaster. You can hear him each week on WHYF.

February - Dedicated to the Holy Family
Holy Family Prayer

JESUS, Son of God and Son of Mary, bless our family. Graciously inspire in us the unity, peace and mutual love that you found in your own family in the little town of Nazareth.

MARY, Mother of Jesus and Our Mother, nourish our family with your faith and your love. Keep us close to your Son Jesus in all our sorrows and joys.

JOSEPH, Foster-father to Jesus, Guardian and Spouse of Mary, keep our family safe from harm. Help us in all times of discouragement or anxiety.

HOLY FAMILY OF NAZARETH, make our family one with you. Help us to be instruments of peace. Grant that love, strengthened by grace, may prove mightier than all the weaknesses and trials through which our families sometimes pass. May we always have God at the center of our hearts and homes until we are all one family, happy and at peace in our true home with you. Amen.
Now you can listen to our local programs as podcasts on our YouTube channel. Go to YouTube and search for Holy Family Radio.
Joke of the Month
A Jesuit, a Dominican and a Franciscan were walking along an old road, debating the greatness of their orders. Suddenly, an apparition of the Holy Family appeared in front of them, with Jesus in a manger and Mary and Joseph praying over him. The Franciscan fell on his face, overcome with awe at the sight of God born in such poverty. The Dominican fell to his knees, adoring the beautiful reflection of the Trinity and the Holy Family. The Jesuit walked up to Joseph, put his arm around his shoulder and said, “So, have you thought about where to send him to school?”
Annual Benefit Dinner Update

Our Annual Benefit Dinner will be held on Friday, April 29, 2022. Bishop Ronald Gainer will be our Guest, along with our Special Keynote Speaker Dr. David Anders, Host of Called to Communion. Dr. Anders can be heard each weekday at 2:00 PM on Holy Family Radio.
Location- St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Mechanicsburg, PA
Meet & Greet/Social Hour 6:00 PM
Dinner 7:00 PM
Live Music and Door Prizes
Tickets- $100 per person

Send reservations and payment to: 
Holy Family Radio 
PO Box 6028 
Lancaster, PA 17607-6028 
Phone 717-525-8110 
Reservations due April 6, 2022
Dr. Anders is Catholic catechist, speaker, and writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. He grew up in the Presbyterian Church (PCA) and attended a Protestant college and seminary. During his Ph.D. studies in Reformation History, he became persuaded of the truth of the Catholic Faith. He entered the Church in 2003 along with his wife, Jill, and (now) five children.
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  • printer ink (HP952XL)
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  • 8' foldable portable table
  • MacBook laptop computer
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