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 Issue 91                                                                                   February 2017
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February is Cancer Prevention Month
Detailed Member Directory is Live - Join the WCC
2017 WI Cancer Council Annual Meeting
UW Carbone Cancer Center & Others Endorse Updated HPV Vaccine Recommendations
Meet the Grantee
Policy Corner
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Greetings from the CCC Program! 
Dear WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Partner,
While winter seems to be dragging, we are getting geared up for a busy spring! Please mark your calendars for the WI Cancer Council Annual Meeting scheduled for May 11, 2017 in Madison. More information, including sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, can be found in this month's newsletter. We are also excited to share that the online detailed membership directory has officially launched. Please be sure to join the WI Cancer Council to get full access. Information about joining and the directory is included below.

Please also check out a new newsletter feature called "Meet the Grantee." Every other month we will feature a different CCC Implementation Grantee to share examples of how you can implement the WI CCC Plan 2015-2020. This month we feature Diverse and Resilient.  Enjoy! 
Your WI CCC Program Team
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February is Cancer Prevention Month  
February 1st kicked off the start of Cancer Prevention Month nationwide. According to the latest issue of the 2016 Wisconsin Cancer Facts and Figures, approximately one third of the cancer deaths that occur each year are due to lifestyle choices, and could likely be prevented. The WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan includes several Priorities with evidence-based Strategies and Action Steps for you and your organization to prevent cancer. Take action today! 
Detailed Member Directory is Live - Join the WI Cancer Council to Access! 
We are excited to announce that the  detailed Member Directory is now live on the  WI Cancer Council Website! Using the information collected as members join, WI Cancer Council members who are logged in on the website now have the ability to search for another member by name or by using filters. Through the detailed Member Directory WI Cancer Council members have a networking database at their fingertips 24/7! Check out the Tools for Cancer Control Success: Tangible Resources for WI Cancer Council Members presentation or handout on our website, for more information.

How Do I Gain Access?
If you and your Lead Member Representative have completed the commitment process to join or renew your membership with the WI Cancer Council, you already have access to the detailed Member Directory! Check it out today by logging in on the  WI Cancer Council's homepage and selecting "Member Directory" from the menu.

If you have not yet initiated or completed the join process, do so today in order to gain access to the detailed Member Directory and other exclusive members-only benefits! If you think you have already completed this process but do not have access, or have questions about where you are in the process, please contact us at Instructions on how to join can be  found here.
2017 WI Cancer Council Annual Meeting: Igniting Action in Cancer Control 
 Registration opens in March for the " 2017 WI Cancer Council Annual Meeting: Igniting Action in Cancer Control" scheduled for May 11, 2017 at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison. Participants will network with current and prospective members, learn from experts and each other, and gain momentum to advance cancer control activities within their organizations and regions. CoalitionWorks' Dr. Frances Butterfoss, PhD, an expert in coalition building, will serve as keynote to "ignite action," help members find their role in cancer control and set the tone for the day. Please stay tuned!

Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring?
The WI Cancer Council is now soliciting exhibitors and sponsors for the 2017 Annual Meeting. We have a wide range of sponsorship levels and benefits, ranging from $100 to $2,000. To view our exhibit and sponsor packages click here
UW Carbone Cancer Center & Others Endorse Updated HPV Vaccine Recommendation
The National Cancer Institute recently released a letter endorsing the new CDC recommendation for 11 to 12-year-old boys and girls to receive two doses of the HPV vaccine at least six months apart. All NCI-designated cancer centers, including the UW Carbone Cancer Center, endorsed the update. The HPV vaccine is still proven to be more effective the earlier it is given, however, young men and women between the ages of 15 and 26 are still encouraged to receive the vaccine. While the HPV vaccine has been proven to be safe and effective, vaccination completion rates remain low. Officials hope that this recommendation change will make completion easier for parents, patients, and providers.  The consensus statement can be  found here
Meet the Grantee: Diverse and Resilient
CCC Implementation Grants invite proposals for projects that support the goals, priorities and strategies in the WI CCC Plan. Funded grant projects engage statewide partners in direct implementation of the WI CCC Plan to reduce the burden of cancer in WI. For information on CCC Implementation Grants, contact Jeanne Strickland
Grantee:   Diverse and Resilient, recipient of a 2015 CCC Implementation Grant, is a nonprofit agency that seeks a "future in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in Wisconsin thrive, living healthy, satisfying lives in safe, supportive communities."

Project: The LGBT Passport to Health, which includes prevention and screening focused information about cancer risks for LGBT populations, was created to provide updated cancer information for the LGBT community as well as health care providers.

Goal: The project seeks to address the health disparities that place the LBGT community at a disproportionately higher risk for cancer.

Results: A follow up survey following dissemination of the Passport showed that:
  • 77% of those who had seen a provider had discussed or shared the passport with their provider.
  • Of those that visited their doctor:
    • 69% reported that the Passport was helpful for discussing their sexual orientation and/or gender identity with their doctor.
    • 64% reported that the Passport was helpful to increase the quality of service and interaction they received.
What's Next: Diverse and Resilient was funded for a second phase of the LGBT Passport to Health project through December 2017.
For more information about the LGBT Passport to Health or Diverse and Resilient, contact Dan Ruge
Policy Corner
The Policy Corner highlights recent policy news and updates impacting cancer control. Check out the Policy Updates section of for all of the latest policy-related updates.

The American Lung Association (ALA) released its annual State of Tobacco Control report evaluating each state and the federal government on their implementation of laws and policies related to tobacco prevention and control. While Wisconsin received passing grades for policies on smoke-free air and tobacco taxes, there is room for improvement in control funding, cessation services, and other categories. Read more here >>

New federal leadership brings with it plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and make substantial changes to Medicaid. The UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Population Health Sciences is hosting a seminar on Monday, February 6, 2017 at 12pm on the furture of the ACA and Medicaid nationally and in Wisconsin. People are invited to view the seminar via live stream.  Read more here >>
ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
According to a study published in Cancer , the death rate from cervical cancer in the United States is considerably higher than previously estimated, and the disparity in death rates between black women and white women is significantly wider. The full article featured in the New York Times can be found here .
Partner Events 
February 6 - 11, 2017
February 10 - 14, 2017
1889 Koubenec Rd
Three Lakes, WI 54562
February 23 - 28, 2017
Wintergreen Resort
100 North Gasser Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
February 24 - 27, 2017
Camp Luther
1889 Koubenec Rd
Three Lakes, WI 54562
March 10, 2017
Wisconsin Medical Society
330 E Lakeside Street
Madison, WI 53715

The Partner Events Calendar shares WI Cancer Council members' training, education, and support events being held around the state that align with the WI CCC Plan 2015-2020. If you have an event you would like to share, please send the event information to Morgan Scrobel at
CCC Plan Update is a monthly publication of the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program and the Wisconsin Cancer Council. Its purpose is to share information on cancer prevention and control as it relates to our partners in Wisconsin.

For more information, contact: Sarah Kerch, Partnership Coordinator, or 608-262-8599.