Describe your role & what you love about it.

I work in Retail Partnerships and have been with Spectrum for 10 years. Within the Retail Partnerships team, we work closely with various Big Box retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. My team supports our field teams who sell our products out of these locations and maintain our Big Box partnerships. I love the creativity my roll allows and the fact that I never experience the same day twice.

How many other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

I have been fortunate in both my personal and professional life to be surrounded by amazing female role models. These women come from all different kinds of backgrounds and professions. They have graciously and openly shared their various experiences which, in turn, has helped me to grow. One female in particular also happens to be my best friend. She is a go-to for me and always gives me great feedback and guidance.   

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a certified Cross-fit trainer and have been doing Cross-fit for seven years. In addition to my love of fitness, I am an avid vintage clothing shopping enthusiast.

Why do you think WICT is important?

 Any opportunity to surround yourself with strong female leaders is so important. Since joining the WICT team, I find myself re-energized and striving to achieve more both personally and professionally.

What do you hope to see the WICT GO chapter accomplish this year?

I was fortunate to be able to attend the WICT Leadership Conference last year with a team member of mine. After seeing the size of the organization, the impact of what they do, and how it inspires women in our industry, my hope is that the Greater Ohio Chapter will continue to increase its membership. The more women leaders we can inspire, the better our industry, businesses, and communities become!