Describe your job and volunteer role & what you love about it?

I am currently a Supervisor in the Regional Operations Center (ROC). In my role, I work with internal and external customers to resolve service and plant related issues. In my role, I support the ROC employees in training, coaching, monitoring and reinforcement of procedures and guidelines. At work, I have an opportunity to be an inspiring and motivating leader to my employees that contributes to my success. I'm also the Marketing and Communications Chairperson for the WICT Greater Ohio Board. I'm approaching my one year milestone in this board role, and I am amazed with the outstanding community and opportunities with networking and working with different people. My main responsibility with this board role is to promote the latest information on WICT Greater Ohio events. This has been a great opportunity and I am appreciative for the experience. I look forward to utilizing the skills and knowledge I gain from this board role to further enhance my career.

How many other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

I have a huge list of names of women who have motivated and inspired me. Since day one on the job, I've admired and looked up to Jeanette Richardson and Carol Walker. Their stories and work ethic has always stuck with me when it comes to progressing in life and in your career. I appreciate these women for their executive presence and their determination to make a difference for women in the industry. Their impact helps me stay focused and motivated especially during challenging times in my career. I appreciate Jeannette Richardson and Stephanie Shawler for introducing me to WICT and giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization.