Join us for the 2020 Fall Chapter Chat selection featuring Michael Veltri’s bestseller,“The Mushin Way to Peak Performance.” Learn how to make better decisions and achieve a level of peak performance – NOT BURNOUT. WICT New England will be providing complimentary copies of this book via e-book once registered. 

Michael will be joining BOTH sessions in January and March to discuss various topics and allow members to ask follow up questions to his nationwide best seller. 

From ancient Japanese warriors to brain science; from business titans to academic research, Michael tapped wide-ranging resources to develop a groundbreaking model for better decision making that leads to peak performance. Surprisingly simple and eminently effective, Veltri's approach has impacted some of the world’s most prolific organizations, brands, and leaders.

Written for leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all industries, this book equips readers with: 
 • Practical exercises to unlearn a lifetime of unproductive and reactionary responses to threats, conflicts, and challenges and replace them with techniques that de-escalate, clarify, and resolve situations. 
 • Simple and effective steps that teach you how to receive a 20% raise at work. Or the courage and strategy to leave your dead-end job and create the vocation of your dreams.
 • Relevant and retainable tools and techniques to make better decisions when the pace is fast, the stakes are high, and the outcome unclear.
 • The confidence, knowhow, and WHY it is so important to your continued success to create an empowering “third place”. 
 • Actionable steps to move challenging business and personal projects forward to completion with velocity.

A zoom invitation will be sent on or around mid-December with all the information for the meeting. Your book will also be sent via e-mail as an E-Book for this edition of chapter chat.
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