What do you love most about your job?
Working at Comcast has allowed me to explore my interests without sacrificing my career. Through tuition reimbursement, the gig program, and relentless networking, I’ve been able to explore and get experience in design at Comcast without leaving my role in data and starting over again. I’ve also found there are many good people at this company willing to help me when I’ve voiced what I wanted. I’ve made connections that have introduced new connections that have evolved into friendships – and that says a lot coming from an introvert!
What are the biggest obstacles you see for young women in the industry?
I think it’s important to personalize the meaning of success. That can be hard to do with the influx of information and societal values from mainstream and social media. Figuring out what success means to you can buffer the noise.
My favorite mantra is...
I don’t know that I have one! As an avid runner, I often think of the saying about the worst run is the run that didn’t happen and applying that to other areas of my life. I never regret a run once it’s over, even a bad one. The saying reminds me to act… things aren’t just going to happen to me because I wished for them.