Tech It Out Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, September 8–29
2:00–3:00PM ET
September 22, 2020

AWS 101

This course will cover the breadth and depth of Amazon Web Services and best practices for building and securing applications with foundational services. To maximize the potential of the cloud, avoid the “lift-and-shift” mentality and embrace the speed, elasticity and automation made possible by AWS.
September 29, 2020

Machine Learning on AWS

Amazon Web Services offers the broadest and deepest set of machine learning services and supporting cloud infrastructure. This puts machine learning in the hands of every developer, data scientist and expert practitioner.
Six weeks of WICT Philly Gives Back
Coming soon...
In partnership with Girls Inc., WICT Philly Gives Back is going virtual this year!

Instead of our signature one-night event, we will be hosting a virtual fundraising campaign over six weeks. We look forward to having our members engage in this special event.

Stay tuned—more details to come!
Watch the replay of last month's event, moderated by
Julia Reusch: "My Climb Up The Corporate Ladder"
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Nina Chhita illustrates and runs an Instagram account (@nina.draws.scientists) showcasing trailblazing women in STEM!
Nina Chhita spends her days working as a medical writer, but in her free time, she runs an Instagram account featuring her own beautiful drawings of women who have made impacts in STEM from all over the world.

Through her illustrations, her goal is to help her followers celebrate diversity and debunk stereotypes about who belongs in STEM, and her current focus is specifically on highlighting women of color.
To see more of her artwork and show appreciation for these unsung heroes of STEM, be sure to follow her Instagram!
Photo courtesy of BBC Article
Meet Lauren Blevins: Supervisor, Traffic Operations at Effectv!
What do you love most about your job?
Currently, I support Effectv's Traffic Operations department, and like to think of us as the Operations side of Sales. I love how fast-paced and ever-changing my role is! We always joke about the "C" in Comcast standing for change, but it is so true in my department. When I think about one year ago to today, we look almost completely different as an organization. I see this continuing to happening for us at the rate of which we are advancing. It's such a rewarding experience to talk about growth and change, but to actually see it happen and to have had a hand in it is really inspiring! I would also say the people. I have had the opportunity to work with many different individuals over the course of my career, and have learned so much from these experiences.

How have other women helped shape your career?
I have been fortunate enough to call some really amazing women my friends, mentors and confidants. From providing the gentle nudge I need every now and then, a listening ear, sounding board, platform and a mirror—I have grown so much from both a personal and professional perspective. I owe it all to these phenomenal women (and men too, I might add) that I know. I am excited at any opportunity that comes my way to pay it forward for the next person!

Outside of work, what’s something you’re passionate about?
Traveling! I love getting to experience new places and cultures. In 2019 alone I went to Belize, Ohio, North Carolina, Paris and Rome—all places I had never been before! They were such awesome experiences and continue to drive this "wanderlust" I have for getting out and seeing the world!

What do you value most about your WICT membership?
WICT has been such an empowering community for me. When I think about where I was back in 2012 when I first joined to where I am now, I see so much of my growth as being directly related to the people I have met and the experiences I have been fortunate to have as a member. I attended a conference a few years back, and one of the speakers made this statement that has always stuck with me. She asked us to consider who is on our personal "board of directors." It's such a simple concept, but carries a profound impact. That is the value of WICT.