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April 11, 2022
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Service Committee - Report on Backpack Project
The Service Committee, with the enthusiastic participation of WIL members, donated backpacks, conference bags, brief cases and duffel bags to benefit Leah’s Dream Afafanto scholars and alumnae in Ghana. Fifty items are now being shipped across the Atlantic so soon the girls won’t have to carry their school supplies in paper bags. With these donations, they will be able to walk from class to their dorm, travel to Leah’s Dream office for computer activities, or go home for the holidays with safe and reliable way to carry their books and school supplies.
Donations Ready to Pack
After volunteers dropped off their items, we packed a large shipping drum to the brim. Later the plastic container will be used to hold water during the dry season,. When the container arrives in Ghana within the next month, the scholars can start the school year with their backpacks. More than 50% of Afafanto graduates continue their college education or training programs and need conference bags and brief cases to hold the required laptops.
Shipping Drum with Packers
WIL's Growing Micro Finance Impact in Panama
Last March, our Micro Finance Committee funded a loan to Global Brigades (an organization empowering communities worldwide) for one of their projects in Panama. A recent update from Global Brigades indicated the women borrowers have been making their repayments punctually according to their repayment calendar. Global Brigades is very appreciative of WIL’s support and discussions are in the works for further sponsorship. It has taken time and effort to build partnerships in Central America.

Panama is new territory for WIL and we’re happy to expand our footprint!

Planning Ahead for Fall Programming
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