Q4 2017
President's Message
As an ISO-accredited and ICS-based organization, Meridian takes great pride in providing scalable, cost-effective solutions for our clients.
Compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 28007:2015 standards ensure that our operations are well-planned, properly executed and continually improved. Additionally, our strategic use of the Incident Command System (ICS) tools and processes enables us to provide integrated services that optimally support our clients’ contingency preparedness and response management.
As we roll out additional products and services, we look forward to assisting your organization’s effort to promote safety, security, and environmental stewardship.
Semi-annual Training
6-9 November - To ensure the safe handling of firearms, semi-annually, Meridian conducts training to ensure that our personnel are assessed to be competent on the specific firearms they are intended to use and are updated on the applicable Rules for the Use of Force prior to deployment. Additionally, the Meridian Leadership Team conducted planning session to identify improvement to our use of ISO 9001 and ICS processes and tools.
Operational Highlights
Vessel Security
Since October 2017, Meridian’s Maritime Security Division has secured or is currently securing 8 different transits through the High-Risk Area (HRA) of the Indian Ocean, from Egypt to Singapore and South Africa to Kuwait without any incidents. These 8 transits have a combined total of over 155 days at sea and 36 ports of call.

Outside of the HRA of the Indian Ocean, Meridian also supports Oil and Gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Since October 2017 Meridian’s Gulf of Mexico security operations have totaled 92 days at sea and have conducted over 300 bag searches and roughly 2,940 helicopter and basket crew transfers totaling 29,960 personnel transferred.
Cyber Security Risk Management
9 October - Meridian completed development of Cyber Security Management Plan and training materials for a major tankship operator. Our easy-to-use cyber products are designed to meet regulations and industry standards.
Contract Vessel Risk Assessment
1 December - During the fourth quarter, Meridian conducted a large number of contract tank vessel risk assessments. Our comprehensive approach enables our clients to identify risk level and take action to minimize delay to vessel schedule.

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards
Meridian regulatory security subject matter experts began a project to assist a major operator with their security vulnerability assessment and site security plan development. The plant is scheduled to begin operations in early 2019.
New Products & Services
ICS Job Guides
Meridian has developed the following Incident Command System (ICS) position job guides:
  Incident Commander
  Planning Section Chief
  Division/Group Supervisor
  Safety Officer
  Security Manager
  Staging Area Manager
We use these new tools and our Incident Management Handbook for managing our security operations, and incident management services (training; exercise support; response management).
These tools are available for purchase using our online store http://meridian.us/product-category/handbooks/ .

Security Officer (CSO-VSO-FSO) Training Course
Meridian has developed a new Security Officer Training Course to support the qualifications of the following positions:
      Company Security Officer
      Vessel Security Officer
      Facility Security Officer
For more information, please contact Zac Schlarb at (484) 772-0384 or zschlarb@meridian.us.
Our Team
10 November - This year, we celebrated the 242nd birthday of the U.S. Marines Corps. Many of team members have proudly served in places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, we continue our service to our communities by promoting safety, security, and environmental stewardship
6-8 November - Captain Hung Nguyen served as a keynote speaker for IQPC conferences on Operational Excellence in Refining & Petrochemicals, and in Oil & Gas. Captain Nguyen discussed how the “CARE to RISE” management and leadership approach has helped Meridian and other organizations achieve operational excellence and becoming world-class.
Regulatory Update
6 November - The International Maritime Organization announced initiative to strengthen port state control (PSC) program. PSC authorities agreed to consider an individual ship risk profile approach.
Alleged Criminal Activity On Board Cruise Vessels
Source: https://www.transportation.gov/mission/safety/cruise-line-incident-reports
Incidents of Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia
Incidents Involving Drilling Units - U.S. Waters
Regulatory Compliance
1 October - U.S. Coast Guard released its investigation report on the 2015 sinking of the cargo ship El Faro, which killed all 33 aboard. Photo (courtesy of U.S. Navy)
15 November - The Coast Guard announced that it is accepting applications for the 2018 biennial Rear Adm. William M. Benkert Environmental Protection Award for Excellence.
Any marine transportation related commercial organization owning, operating, or otherwise managing vessels, designated waterfront facilities, fleeting areas, oil spill removal organizations, or other entity engaged in maritime operations subject to Coast Guard regulations are eligible to apply. For details on submission criteria and descriptions of award categories visit the Homeport page.
Applications will be accepted from Nov.15 2017 to Jan. 12, 2018.
Serious Marine Incidents
8 November - After a fire broke out on Shell LTD’s platform ENCHILADA in the Gulf of Mexico, 46 workers were evacuated. Two were were reported injured in the fire. (Photo courtesy of Shell)
27 October - Maritime Administration issued an alert, reporting two incidents that involved piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. Exercise caution when transiting this area.
15 October - An oil and gas transfer facility platform exploded on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans. Seven people were injured and one missing. (Photo courtesy of The New Orleans Advocate)
10 October - Coast Guard responded to barge on fire approximately three miles from Port Aransas, Texas, jetties. The barge was being towed by BUSTER BOUCHARD; two crew-members were unaccounted for. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard
16 August - Container shipping company A.P. Moller Maersk expected that computer issues triggered by the NotPetya cyberattack will cost the company as much as $300 million in lost revenue. NotPetya is a ransomware attack that prevented people from accessing their data unless they paid a ransom. (Photo courtesy of CNBC)
Recent Blogs
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Community Service
8 December - Meridian participated in West Gulf Maritime Association Blood Drive.
Our Services
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