By David K. Lifschultz

Compliments of The Lifschultz Organization, Founded in 1899

In what may be regarded as one of the greatest strategic moves in history, the uprising in Palestine by two million Palestinians may bring down the entire world economy.  As forces from Gaza approach the west bank to link up, the United States has announced that they will despatch the Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier Task Force to the area. The problem is that the Kornet Missile of the Palestinians can knock out 

all the ships in the aircraft carrier task force if they come to close enough and the airplanes on the aircraft carrier will be useless as the distances from the land are such that the missiles can hit the aircraft carrier before it comes into the range of its planes. It must be remembered that the planes have to make a round trip but the missiles only have to travel in one direction to hit their target.

But this is not all. Iran, who is allied with the Hezbollah and the people of Palestine, can close the Straits of Hormuz to the universal acclaim of all Islam. Goldman Sachs experts in derivatives say the loss of 22 million barrels of oil from the world market by shutting the Straits of Hormuz can drive the oil price to a thousand dollars a barrel that it will crash the multi-trillion dollar derivative market bringing down the entire world financial system. In Warren Buffett's words this will act out a crash as a nuclear bomb chain reaction.

Russia, which is also under a US and NATO siege, can shut down all their oil production and that of their former eastern provinces, eliminating half the world's oil supply if we count the blockage of the Straits of Hormuz. Russia and Iran can then demand the compete reorganization of the world economy and a total reconstitution of the world economy eliminating and ending the sanction world of the United States Empire. 

This is explained in detail in the next two links.

Here in the first link we cover the Straits of Hormuz with a technical discussion of the world derivative structure starting under the heading of Stochastic Control Theory which explains how the markets are manipulated.  No manipulation can prevent this debacle.


Here is discussed the combination of Russia and its former provinces to the east which produce 25% of the world's oil which combined with 22% of the Straits of Hormuz represents half the oil produced each day in the world which together with China is 50 million barrels a day out of the 100 million barrels a day that are produced.