Dear friends,
I trust you've had an opportunity to listen to the message regarding the prophetic visitation which I had from the Lord on Thursday May 18, this year.  I encourage you to listen to it if you have not done so yet and give me some feedback concerning it.
All new video messages can be found in a section entitled "POWERFUL PROPHETIC TEACHING FOR TODAY" which is on the opening page of our website.  Just click the button that says 'featured video"and the page will open where we now download all new videos except the business videos for the business people which can be found when you click on the golden banner for the business fellowship  at the bottom of the opening page to our website.
During our recording session last week I also recorded a prophetic update entitled "WILL THE CHURCH RESPOND TO GOD"??
This message is now available in the powerful prophetic preaching section or can be accessed easier by simply clicking on the title link here below.

Shellie and I pray and trust that this new message will also be a blessing to your life.

God Bless, 
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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