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Host a one-of-a-kind party that is fun and encourages social consciousness. Children get to design their very own fabric 
wings-to-wear and soar! WING IT Parties inspire creativity, fit into any theme, and provide guests with amazing keepsakes.
(Proceeds from parties support education for children throughout the world)
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The Freedom to Change
by Anastasia Gavalas
I've felt the need to shed unnecessary things in my life for some time now. This urging propelled me to take action last year after going to my 25th high school reunion. It was then that I came to a realization. Many people from high school whom I considered friends at one time, had actually become my virtual friends absent of any real life connections. This struck a chord with me and moved me to clean up both my cyber and real-life connections. It was all about the quality not quantity. So, I focused on putting my energy into real relationships and things that made me genuinely excited and happy. This awakening launched me to reconnect with who I was... free of guilt, free of self-limitations, and free of what has always been, from people, to routines, and even how I viewed my personal navigation of life.
I did a mental assessment of jobs and positions that I signed up for over the last few years and graciously began to remove myself from any commitments that drained my energy. I created space between myself and others with whom I felt I was having the same conversations, over and over, without seeing any advancements. I changed things I ate and foods which I brought into my home. This was a time for me to grow by restructuring my life's path. The courage to make these shifts, even though it was hard at times, helped me to better define who I was at my core and who I wanted to become. It was important that I focused on my overall wellness, needs, and happiness because, as a family life teacher I often coach parents (especially moms) about the importance of self care and being considerately selfish at times. This wasn't about scheduling date nights or spa weekends, although those are very nice experiences. The 'freedom to change' for me was about releasing any hesitations and being authentically me. The moment I refocused my efforts on me, I was able to make choices that caused significant enough shifts so I could become more of my best self.

I began to realize that I needed to set myself up for success with everything that I deserved in life and not leave my life to chance. I had to work harder than ever to not feel guilty, respect my feelings and remain self-centered. I started with my own body, mind, and soul, and created daily practices that honored my evolution. I learned about  how powerful the foods we eat can be in making us feel strong or add more stressed. (Please take time to read labels and learn about GMOs). I began to replace the 'okay' with the 'even better' choices. I also created more space in my life for relationships that inspire and uplift me. By focusing on my aspirations head-on, without waiting for permission from others, I began to carve pathways toward making my dreams come true. These simple yet distinctive shifts, a little at a time, have reshaped my life immensely. It is my hope that each person reading this feels inspired to change their life and, can experience the 'freedom to change' in whatever they choose to do. Remember, change is good! 
"The most creative act you can undertake is the act of creating yourself." D. Chopra
*WING IT Parenting Tip*
Tired of constantly dealing with negotiating, whining, or being ignored when you ask your kids to do something?!?
Get children to do what you want by asking simple questions with two or three options that you are comfortable with. 
For example ask...
"Would you rather clean up your room or do your homework first?" 
This simple technique provides children choices and makes them feel empowered. 
The Children of Uganda

There are over 2.5 million children in Uganda who are orphaned due to poverty, war,  discrimination, & disease. Most of those children can not afford to go to school. Annual costs for quality schooling in Uganda averages about $350 per child. 
This year the Wing It Project will focus on helping provide  educational opportunities to the children of Uganda.
For more information about WING IT Parenting & WING IT Project contact: 
Anastasia Gavalas or call #516-523-1504