Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 13, Issue 1 (December 15/11)
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Living Wage Campaign
Workforce Focus: Youth
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Connecting People, Connecting Services: is open to the public!

win hamilton logoThe Workforce Information Network (WIN) Hamilton is available to everyone in the Hamilton community who is looking for information on local employment, training and upgrading programs.  Previously, the site was accessible only to the staff of the 38 service providers and programs listed, who used WINHamilton to aid their clients in finding appropriate programs, and to share information with each other. was developed by the Skills Development Flagship and is operated by the Hamilton Training Advisory Board.


Visit the site today: to find out more about the services available.

Living Wage Campaign for Hamilton


Imagine a city where everybody earns enough to participate in their community. Imagine a place where work lifts people out of poverty.  Imagine Hamilton as a Living Wage Community.


Today in Hamilton 30,000 people work but do not earn enough to pull themselves or their families out of poverty. 
The Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, along with their community partners launched "Living Wage Hamilton" on

December 9/11 at a well attended event at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre.  In addition, information on LW was
presented to the General Issues Committee at Hamilton City Council on December 12/11, and was received with favourable interest by the Mayor and councilors.


Hamilton's living wage rate is $14.95 per hour.  For more information visit the Living Wage site. 

Workforce Focus: Youth
planningInterested in how youth fit into the Ontario, and our local, labour market?  Our November 2011 Workforce Focus features a portrait of the youth labour market in Ontario.  The early 2000s showed promise for young people in Ontario with an employment rate of 58% in 2000.  But since then, employment has declined to 51% across the province, setting a new low for youth employment in 2010.  In the Hamilton region most youth work in sales and service occupations.
Recently HTAB has brought together partners to work on a strategy to attract, retain, engage and develop youth.  A plan of action for the next six months is being created. Keep tuned to this space for future developments!
HTAB wishes you a safe and happy holiday season and good wishes for the New Year! 
Our next newsletter will be delivered to your inbox on January 18, 2012.  For more information about HTAB please call 905.521.5777 or email:

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