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Holidays are filled with light, and I hope that your inner light switch brings great possibility of hope and renewal this season. Over time cultures have added traditions that are uplifting to the holiday season. This comes as our planet is experiencing movement from the shortest, darkest day to begin the journey to longer, lighter days. In the Jewish calendar, Hanukkah is celebrated as a time when oil that should have lasted only one day brought light for eight days. Our need and desire to experience light is great. The Christmas season is also the story of a birth, of immense joy, and of shared experiences of giving.

Our inner light is always there but can be obscured with stress, fatigue, and strain, however as light is experienced, we often feel lighter. Compassion is turning within to respond to the world rather than react to it from surface distractions. When the inner light matches the outer radiance of the season, it brings richness that lasts beyond the holiday season. Turning within and bringing light to that inner nature allows the season to have even more lasting radiance in our lives.

At Maitri, we experience light through compassionate care for our residents. Our bravest residents have been challenged by illness but arrive at Maitri under the most stressful circumstances of their lives to experience our care and our love. Bringing light and renewal, even for brief moments, is our commitment to those who may otherwise suffer and die alone.
Here's what we have for you in this issue:  
Please consider giving to Maitri this year before the tax changes and enjoy bringing light to benefit our residents. Warmest wishes for your holiday from all of us at Maitri.

Here's hoping your Holiday season is full of light and love.


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Anne E. Gimbel, M.A., LMFT

Board Spotlight
Board Spotlight

Jeffrey Sallot
Jeffrey Sallot

Jeffrey Sallot
Maitri is proud to announce board member Jeffrey Sallot as the Bliss 2018 chairperson. Jeffrey Sallot joined the Maitri board in November 2017 after serving as a volunteer throughout 2016. Jeffrey was first introduced to Maitri by his husband Dr. Winston Vaughan and both have been avid supporters of Maitri and the Bliss galas over the past six years. He relocated to San Francisco from New York in 2011, where he volunteered briefly at the Center for HIV Law & Policy.

Resident Spotlight   

Resident Barbara
Resident Barbara

"Maitri saved my life not once but three times when I f ell and needed help to get up again and survive."

"Maitri saved my life not once but three times when I fell and needed help to get up again and survive." Barbara came to Maitri almost 10 years ago for the first time and was struggling for many of her prior years. She was diagnosed HIV positive. Her life and health changed drastically, and she needed support badly. "I had issues interfering with my health, and I needed support to get strong again," says Barbara. 

When Barbara was diagnosed with advanced AIDS, a Social Worker told her about Maitri. She said, "Maitri is like my family and a safe place, but it also provides medical stabilization for people like me who fall and need help getting up again. She said it was a place I could get the care I needed to get back on my feet three times and keep living. Maitri has been very supportive, and I am so happy to say I am now stronger." 

At Maitri, we are giving Barbara-who spent so many years on the streets-the compassionate care she so desperately needs and deserves. "The services at Maitri are first class, and I am truly grateful for all the love and compassion I have received since I have been here. I feel whole once again and excited to resume my life with a positive spirit and renewed health," Barbara says today.
Barbara speaks about her experience

Join us in giving others like Barbara, the homeless, underprivileged, and poor, who bravely face a life and death  struggle with late-stage AIDS, and chronical illnesses, a second chance at a full and independent life. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support Maitri's good work for both our hospice and medical respite residents. We are approaching our 31st year of service to the San Francisco community.

Maitri has faced increased demand for our services this year, making your gift all the more critical- and impactful. Thank you so much for your generosity and for remembering Maitri's residents during the holidays.

New Faces at Maitri
New Faces at Maitri

Aziz Chakir_ CNA
Aziz Chakir, CNA
Caiza Navarro_ LVN Team Leader
Caiza Navarro, LVN Team Leader

Christine Shank_ CNA
Christine Shank, CNA

Nikki Kelley_ Clinical Supervisor
Nikki Kelley, Clinical Supervisor (LVN)

William Wohifeiler_ CNA
William Wohifeiler, CNA

Holiday Open House

The 2017 Maitri Annual Open House was wonderful. Food Services Directo, Ann Kong, and her staff prepared delicious holiday food and the live entertainment was delightful. Board President, Mike Niemeyer, welcomed the crowd and introduced our new Executive Director Anne Gimbel. We welcomed former Executive Directors, Bill Musick and Michael Smithwick. Executive Director, Anne Gimbel, introduced Board Member, Jeffrey Sallot, as our Bliss 2018 Chair. The event was filled with warmth and love.

Kirsten Havrehed Holiday Jam and Bake Sale

Kirsten Havrehed held her annual holiday jam and bake sale on Saturday, December 9 and raised over $3200. All proceeds benefit Maitri and our residents. Kirsten is Maitri's longest volunteer and supporter since 1997 with total donations over $60,000. Thank you Kirsten and all your friends for your support for over 2 decades. Maitri will be honoring Kirsten at our Bliss 2018 Gala on Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Bake Sale Goodies
Bake Sale Goodies
Food Service Director Ann Kong_ Kirsten Havrehed and CNA Mary Ann
Food Service Director Ann Kong, Kirsten Havrehed and CNA Mary Ann


Each year Maitri celebrates Thanksgiving with the residents and their families with a special dinner prepared by Ann Kong and her staff. The atmosphere is filled with love and sharing and fun activities.

Toni Newman, Demetri Moshoyannis, of Positive Resource Center and
Anne Gimbel  at the event

Celebrating with Academy of Friends

Maitri joined Academy of Friends for a celebration at their 2017 Holiday Party held at Williams Sonoma-Union Square earlier this month. Maitri has been chosen by Academy of Friends as one of six HIV/AIDS Services beneficiaries to be honored at 2018's Academy Awards Night Charity Gala to be held on March 4, 2018 . All ticket proceeds will be distributed to support the chosen Bay area initiatives. 

Grass Roots Gay Rights Check Presentation

Grass Roots Gay Rights awarded Maitri a $10,000 check on November 1 as a grant beneficiary. 

Interim ED Bill Musick and Toni Newman represented Maitri at the event
Interim ED Bill Musick and Toni Newman represented Maitri at the event

Halloween at Maitri

Food Services Director Ann Kong and her staff went all out for the Maitri Halloween party. The residents and staff enjoyed the delicious food.


OurTownSF held its second annual LGBTQ forum on Saturday, October 14 and the turnout was amazing. Maitri was a proud sponsor of the forum and looks forward to continuing its support in the coming year. The forum featured SF LGBT nonprofit service providers, arts and athletic groups discussing their services and recruiting volunteers.

ED Anne Gimbel and Toni Newman at the OurTownSF event
ED Anne Gimbel & Toni Newman at the OurTownSF event

Bliss Sponsor Thank You Reception

The Maitri Team with Board President Mike Niemeyer
The Maitri Team with Board President Mike Niemeyer

We had our Bliss Thank You Reception for all of wonderful sponsors on October 12. We raised a little over $230,000.00 for our Bliss 2017 gala. We especially would like to thank Sutter/CPMC, The Dorian Fund, Lindsay Faeder and her family and Ambassador James Hormel and Michael Nyugen for their wonderful sponsorship. 
Anne Gimbel and Sutter_CPMC Cecilia Thomas
Anne Gimbel & Sutter, CPMC Cecilia Thomas
Anne Gimbel and James Long of Mission Bay Conference Center
Anne Gimbel and James Long of Mission Bay Conference Center

Volunteer Update

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Maitri. We are so thankful for all those who assist our residents and bring cheer to our local community.

Volunteers help with all facets of life at Maitri - from taking residents on outings and to medical appointments, sitting with ill or dying residents, lending a hand with administrative projects and fundraising events - to helping maintain our thriving community garden.

Please consider becoming more deeply engaged with Maitri as a volunteer. For more information about volunteering, or to get started today, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, David Valentine, (415) 558-3004 or

Munchery Giving Poster

Food for Thought:
Support Maitri just by eating!

When you order delicious chef-cooked meals from Munchery you can now designate Maitri as your charity of choice. Each time you order food, Munchery will donate 1% of the final sale value of eligible items (less discounts, refunds, service and delivery fees) to Maitri.

Munchery will also donate an extra $30 when first-time customers choose to support Maitri (limit one per household). To help Maitri while enjoying delicious food, please go to Bon App├ętit!


Support Maitri Link
Amazon Smile... Every little bit helps!
Don't forget to log in to Amazon Smile when you need to make an Amazon purchase. 

Use this link: to log in with your Amazon username and password. 

By using this special link, 0.5% of the proceeds from your purchases will be donated to Maitri. Now that's a reason to smile!

2018 Academy of Friends Oscar Gala

Maitri is excited to be selected again as a beneficiary of the 2018 Academy of Friends Academy Awards Night charity Gala. Academy of Friends has donated a cumulative total of more than $220,000 since 1997 to Maitri. This 21-year partnership has been enormously beneficial in helping those who need us the most get the nursing care necessary to stabilize or transition with dignity and love.

The gala is on March 4, 2018. For more information, please go to Academy of Friends 2018 Gala website (

BLISS 2018 Gala (Marks Our 31-Year Anniversary)