Season's Greetings from WIP!
(Above) From the Swiss Pain Congress of November 2017 (L to R), Craig Hartrick, Norman Shealy, and Kris Vissers.

(Right) From WIP Budapest Annual Conference-Workshop, the 2017-2019 Executive Board.
World Institute of Pain, the global institute for the advancement of education, training, and certification of pain physicians.
Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. Hippocrates (460 BC - 377 BC)

Thanks to you WIP is part of the opportunity of healing; alleviating pain by utilizing the best interventional techniques in accordance with today's standards; standards that YOU are helping to define.

Together, let us continue working to sustain the vision and mission of the World Institute of Pain by learning, teaching, mentoring and joining hands throughout the world for the best pain relief possible in every part of the world.
The global institute for the advancement of physician education, training, and certification in pain medicine; with emphasis on interventional techniques.
Dr. Gabor Racz, 5th FIPP and 1st from USA (Hungary) presents Trailblazer Award to Dr. Ricardo Ruiz-Lopez, 4th FIPP and 1st from Spain

Courtesy listings of national-regional events may be found on respective Section pages.
President's Message
Craig T. Hartrick, MD, FIPP
Recently, I had the privilege of participating as one of the faculty of the Swiss Pain Congress, by the invitation of WIP immediate past Honorary Secretary, Dr. Philippe Mavrocordatos. I was in good company, including WIP immediate past president, Prof. Dr. Kris Vissers and our Board of Examination Chair, Dr. Peter Staats.

"Wonderful meeting!!!" as reported by Dr. Vissers, who captured a few photographs as shared in this newsletter with more to be found on the WIP Switzerland Section web page ( ).

National scientific meetings are where we as pain specialists define and reinforce best practice standards. Through WIP, and specifically our Board of Examination, we strive to employ best practice-based requirements against which members of the profession are assessed. The culmination of these efforts is realized with certification as a Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) and now also Certified Interventional Pain Specialist (CIPS).

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2017 Classes for FIPP and CIPS certification. While we can boast about the total numbers of 1056 and 71, respectively and the 60 member countries, it is more important to remember that our impact is realized with each single certification. We started with one certification in the USA (with Indian origin), and one in Israel, one in Turkey, one in Spain, another in the USA (with Hungarian origin). More recently in 2017 we certified our first FIPPs in the countries of Czech Republic, Peru, Qatar, and Romania. The significance of these and all first FIPPs is that WIP is making a difference. YOU are making the difference! Together, we are bridging gaps that challenge opportunities for the best standards and practice of pain medical care.

At the 2017 Awards banquet, the 1,000th FIPP certificate was presented to Dr. Sara Arango Uribe of Madrid, Spain. Since WIP's establishment of the Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice certification for pain physicians, 1,056 physicians from more than 60 countries have earned this distinction.
In Budapest, our workshop sessions for CIPS certification utilized live models to demonstrate ultrasonography techniques. WIP continues to be appreciative of the cooperation between our society and the society of the World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography (WAPMU). Together, we are defining the best practice standards for pain medicine to encompass the use of ultrasonography.
In 2018, the WIP Board of Examination will offer three examination centers: Miami, USA (Feb 19); London, UK (May 6/7); and Budapest, Hungary (Aug 30). This is the first year WIP has offered the exam in London. We are delighted by the cooperation of the UK Section officers and the facilities at Guy's and St. Thomas Hospital.

Hope to see you in 2018! - Craig
Class photos are hyperlinked - click on image below to access OR view via WIP website.
Amitabh Gulati MD, FIPP
is a board certified anesthesiologist in New York, New York, USA. He is Director of Chronic Pain and Program Director of the Weill Cornell Pain Medicine Fellowship, Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Testimonial from Amitabh Gulati, MD, FIPP
following the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Inaugural Interventional Cancer Pain Symposium, proudly endorsed by WIP
I am humbled to have such great support from the WIP. Since I was a fellow, I have admired the education and leadership of the faculty that have embraced the WIP culture. I am proud to be among such motivated professionals and hope I can continue to work with all of you in many future endeavors. 

Regarding the inaugural ICPS (Interventional Cancer Pain Symposium) at MSKCC, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for both the conference curriculum and cadaveric workshop. We had over 180 registered participants with 36 workshop attendees.  

As a result, we intend to have a more thorough workshop, including enhancing the representation of neurosurgery, radiology, and rehabilitation disciplines in 2018 (September 7-8). In two years, we hope to build on this with a larger cancer pain symposium. We hope the WIP could be integral in this process.  

Nonetheless, your support and guidance is always appreciated.  


Amit Gulati

Turkish Section

Testimonial from participant of 1st WIP International Pain Symposium & Workshop in Antalya, Turkey | Sept 21-24, 2017

Dear Dr. Erdine,

I am Tatiana Bravo from Brazil and I would like to congratulate you on the Symposium and Workshop in Antalya this last week. It was very well organized.

The content of lectures and workshop was useful and directly related to day-by-day practice and, most important, getting to know faculty individual experience. All this together with only five people per cadaver table rotating through all stations. Easier to absorb the knowledge. I am still a trainee in Pain Management and I am trying to absorb all the content I can.

It was an honor to meet you and to learn not only pain, but experience for life. You make a great atmosphere around you.
Hope I can see you in Istanbul next time.

Best regards,

Tatiana Bravo
Prof. Dr. Serdar Erdine, 3rd FIPP and 1st from Turkey receives Trailblazer Award at 2017 Awards Ceremony in Budapest. Pictured here with President-elect Prof. Dr.. Giustino Varrassi of Italy.
Middle East Section

The 9th Annual Regular workshop was held 5 May 2017 and was organised by the WIP Middle East Section through the Egyptian Foundation for Interventional Pain Practice (EFIPP). The workshop was a great success. Pain clinicians (Anesthetists, radiologists, physiotherapists) from all over Egypt as well as Arabic countries (Kuwait, Iraq, KSA) attended the pain generator workshop session demonstrated by the guest speaker Andrea Trescot and ultrasound experts of the region.

Magdi Ramzi Iskander, MD FFARCS FIPP
Chair, WIP Section - Middle East
(Above) Prof. Dr. Serdar Erdine, with Dr. Tatiana Bravo, and Prof. Dr. Athina Vadalouca
SAVE THE DATES! 19-21 OCT 2018
2017 Trailblazer Award presented posthumously to David Niv, co-founder of WIP

In honor and recognition of your enumerable contributions to the field of pain medicine. As pioneers, your research and scholarship has advanced our field and raised the standard of care for pain treatment. Your dedication to alleviating pain and suffering benefits countless patients.  Sedare dolorem opus divinum est.
The 2017 Trailblazer Award was presented posthumously to WIP co-founder and past president, David Niv, MD FIPP. Co-founder Dr. Ricardo Ruiz-Lopez presented the award to Niv's widow, Liora Niv and son Tamir Niv at the 2017 Awards Ceremony in Budapest.

Other 2017 Trailblazer Award recipients:
Serdar Erdine, MD FIPP (3), WIP Co-founder
Ricardo Ruiz-Lopez, MD FIPP (4), WIP Co-founder
Edit Racz, MD FIPP (306), Budapest Conference Director
Peter Sotonji, MD, Dean Emeritus/Forensic Pathology Director, Semmelweiss University

Previous recipients: 2016: John Loeser, MD FIPP (34); 2015: Menno Sluijter, MD FIPP (13) and P. Prithvi Raj, MD FIPP (1).


Pain Specialist
Shoalhaven Pain Management Centre

Nowra, NSW

Thibaut Paul Pierre Vanneste, MD, FIPP

Pain Specialist

Kortessem, Belgium)
The Samuel J. Hassenbusch III Prize of WIP is awarded annually to the physician who earned the highest score on the FIPP certification exam in that year. For the guidelines and complete list of past recipients, please visit our Board of Examination website:

Registration is OPEN!

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Advanced Interventional Pain Workshop

Up to 24 CME Credit Hours

Certification Examinations!

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Message from Ira B. Fox, MD, FIPP
Program Director, 5th Miami Hands-on Workshop and the ONLY WIP workshop offered with a language translation (English to Spanish)
Registration is now OPEN for the 5th Hands-on Workshop to be held at the state-of-the-art Miami Anatomical Research Center (MARC) in Miami, Florida. With TWO exam offerings again this year, for both FIPP and CIPS certification, we expect classrooms for the workshop and the exams to be full, so please register early!

Co-organized by my colleague Dr. Fabricio Dias Assis, we believe we have planned another dynamic conference and workshop, with the aim of helping more of our colleagues fulfill their professional aims of certification as Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice and/or Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist.

The 9th World Congress of WIP (WIP 2018) is a major biennial gathering of pain management specialists. Aimed at physicians, researchers, students and nurses, WIP 2018 will combine participant-friendly educational activities with hands-on courses. This combined theoretical and practical approach has already facilitated breakthroughs in pain management interventional techniques. 

​Being held in Dublin, Ireland May 9-12, 2018, WIP 2018 will give you access to leading lecturers and a scientific program consisting of the latest evidence-based and best-practice-based pain medicine in all relevant disciplines.


Click on the image to the right to link out to the WIP World Congress website Faculty pages.


Dr. Robert Gatchel serves as an associate editor of Pain Practice. His main focus is to advance the study of pain on an international level.
What is your personal focus in the pain field? Expertise in the etiology, assessment and treatment of chronic pain, especially chronic musculoskeletal pain and disability.
What is the most important recent development in your field that is connected to the pain field? Advances in the field of neuroscience and pain.
What do you think is the NEXT relevant issue that should be focused on in this field? And why?  The importance of neuroplasticity and central sensitization on pain reactivity. There is a growing evidence of their significance in better understanding pain.
Why attend WIP 2018? Clinical practitioner, physicians, researchers, students and nurses should attend WIP 2018 to get an update on current cutting-edge advances in the etiology, assessment and the treatment of pain, and interact and network with fellow pain specialists. 
the Official Journal of the World Institute of Pain
Pain Practice , the official journal of the World Institute of Pain, publishes articles that provide its readership with evaluation methods and techniques for pain management.

Professor Bert Joosten, Editor-in-Chief of  Pain Practice, is a well-recognized clinical pain research scientist with experience in translational pain research.

Prof. Joosten has organized a distinguished group of Section Editors who, with contributing writers, will shape the future direction of the journal in a fashion that serves the practicing pain physician, the scientific community, and the pain patients globally.

Section Editors
Rehabilitation, Psychology and Pain Management: Robert J. Gatchel, PhD, ABPP; Behavioral Medicine (USA)
Imaging Techniques and Pain Management: Michael Gofeld, MD; Ultrasound in Pain Practice (Canada)
Translation Pain Research: Bert Joosten (The Netherlands)
Clinical Science and Pain: Chi Wai Cheung, MD (Hong Kong)
Interventional Techniques and Pain Management: Milan P. Stojanovic, M.D., FIPP (USA)
Statistics and Epidemiology: Sander van Kuijk, PhD (The Netherlands)
Oncology, Palliative Care and Pain Management: Kris Vissers, MD, PhD; Palliative Care (The Netherlands)

The WIP member benefit includes full digital access via traditional computer login, as well as mobile app (compatible with both Apple and Android devices). Maintain a current membership to avoid uninterrupted access to your journal.

To Join / Renew / or Request Assistance with your Login ID/PW please contact the WIP Offices via Email to Dianne Willard .

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EAJ (Bert) Joosten, PhD
PAPR ISSUE 17.8 (November 2017)

Alen L. Dezia, Tim D. Baccus, Allycia M. Natavio, Sean M. Conroy and Levi M. Hall
Justin Oh, M. Gabrielle Pagé, Toni Zhong, Stuart McCluskey, Coimbatore Srinivas, Anne C. O'Neill, James Kahn, Joel Katz, Stefan O.P. Hofer and Hance Clarke
Aatit Paungmali, Leonard H. Joseph, Patraporn Sitilertpisan, Ubon Pirunsan and Sureeporn Uthaikhup
Anthony Dragovich, Thomas Beltran, George M. Baylor, Marc Swanson and Anthony Plunkett
Abel Tesfaye Anshabo, Sefinew Migbaru, Dagmawit Awoke, Wondemagegnhu Tigeneh and Ephrem Engidawork
Thomas M. Tzschentke, Klaus Linz, Stefanie Frosch and Thomas Christoph
Kapil Gudala, Babita Ghai and Dipika Bansal
María Palacios Ceña, Matteo Castaldo, Kelun Wang, Pascal Madeleine, Ángel L. Guerrero, Lars Arendt-Nielsen and César Fernández-de-las-Peñas
Mark C. Bicket, Paul F. Pasquina and Steven P. Cohen

Xiuxia Li, Rong Wang, Xiue Shi, Jinlong Su, Yuanqing Pan, Jinhui Tian and Kehu Yang
Alberto Carmona-Bayonas, Paula Jiménez Fonseca and Juan Virizuela Echaburu
Version of Record online: 25 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/papr.12556
Jenny Roche and Dominic Harmon
Version of Record online: 25 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1111/papr.12563
Tatyana Lyapustina, Renan Castillo, Elise Omaki, Wendy Shields, Eileen McDonald, Richard Rothman and Andrea Gielen

Deniz Palamar, Rana Terlemez and Kenan Akgun
Jung Eun Kim, Sang Sik Choi, Mi Kyoung Lee, Dong Kyu Lee and Seung Inn Cho
Carlos J. Roldan, Kent Nouri, Thomas Chai and Billy Huh
Edited by:
E.A. (Bert) Joosten, PhD

Impact Factor: 2.495

ISI Journal Citation Reports (c) Ranking: 2016 13/31 (Anesthesiology); 96/194 (Clinical Neurology)

Online ISSN: 1533-2500
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> Feb 19, 2018 - Miami, Florida, USA
at Miami Anatomical Research Center

> May 6/7 (to be confirmed), 2018 - London, UK
at Guy's & St. Thomas Hospital

> August 30, 2018 - Budapest, Hungary
at Semmelweiss University & Kempinski Hotel
BUDAPEST 2017 was awesome, as usual. Check out our photo gallery AND participant feedback by visit the WIP Section of Hungary web page

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at Guy's & St. Thomas Hospital


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