2022 In-Person and Online
Expand your horizons this summer with courses offered through the Waldorf Institute of Southern California In-Person (Los Angeles and San Diego) and Online (Zoom)

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June 20 - 25, 2022
Los Angeles In Person and Online

Waldorf Practical Arts Training Module #7
with Jack Bryant, Mona Lewis and Terra Malmstrom

The Anthroposophy study will be Core Principle # 7, Governance.
Participants  will continue coppersmithing by making ladles and will be carving a bas-relief using linden wood.
Students will be introduced to the sewing machine in connection with their main lesson studies on the Industrial Revolution. This is an important transition for the 8th grader. Independence and a sense of competence are addressed beautifully with this medium. Developing a healthy relationship with the machines and an appreciation for the beauty of them is key to creating a foundation for addressing life in the modern world. Several basic items will be made using the sewing machine, including pajama pants and pajama shirt, zipper bag and introductory item such as a pillow or a garden harvest bag. Quicker sewers may bring a project of their own to work on as well, and we can see if it is workable for the 8th grade student. Skills covered will be hand sewing, machine sewing, pattern reading and trouble shooting on the sewing machine. 

June 27 - July 1, 2022
San Diego In Person and Online

How Can We Bring Joy into the Teaching of Math?
with Nettie Fabrie and Wim Gottenbos
We will cover the essentials of the Waldorf math curriculum, grades four to six. These are important years for the understanding of crucial math concepts!
We will also touch upon the challenges the students will have during this time and how to practice the concepts.
July 4 - 8, 2022
San Diego In Person and Online

Puppetry: Bringing the Marionette to Life
with Connie Manson and Peggy Waterhouse

Learning how to create your own puppets is such a joy and we will be making them come to life with meaningful gesture.
This course will include a treasure trove of nurturing stories using a puppet storytelling style adored by children.
All puppets will be hand-sculpted using natural fibers that will be supplied for an extra fee.

July 5 - 9, 2022
Los Angeles In Person and Online

Exploring Science in 6th, 7th and 8th Grade
with Philip Guest

In Waldorf middle school the class teacher brings an active and engaging approach to Science that encourages and enriches personal experience and enquiry. The prevailing mindset is that such things are “best left to the experts”, but Philip is there to help you discover that such a mindset is wrong! As long as you have an interest in the world, an open and inquiring mind and a willingness to discard existing prejudgments, you have all the qualifications you need!

In this workshop Philip explores how different aspects of the five returning topics in Physics; Sound, Sight, Warmth, Magnetism and Electricity, are presented and developed through 6th, 7th and 8th grades, giving insight not only into the topics, but into the stages of student development. He will also introduce key aspects from Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, and to look at the grade-specific physics topics of Mechanics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

This course is recommended not just for 6th to 8th grade teachers, but for anyone who has an interest in the world and their participation in it, especially those who didn't enjoy their own experience of Science in school!

July 11 - 15, 2022
Los Angeles In Person and Online

Pathways to Support and Heal Our Children - and Ourselves!
with Susan Johnson MD

Looking beyond the labels, we will be learning to better observe, assess and strengthen children’s physical movements, life forces, and learning strategies. We will learn how to support the visual, auditory and hands-on kinesthetic, phonetic-based reading abilities that can be accompanied by inner-imaginative picturing. Understanding and supporting children in these ways lays the foundation for their overall sense of self-mastery and well-being.

Caring for our children through these observational and supporting ways results in our own positive development!

July 19 - 23, 2022
Los Angeles In Person Only

The Spoken Word in Waldorf Education: Pedagogical Backdrop and Artistic Practice
with Helen Lubin

with Dana Williams

We invite you to join us for this welcome opportunity to increase our understanding, engage in artistic practice, and strengthen our connection with the most essential element of teaching practice: language and speech. In this workshop Helen will introduce and elaborate the following themes. Our artistic practice will include an exploration of these themes by means of poetry and exercises.
- Levels of consciousness in human development
- The art of the spoken word as one of the time arts
- Cultivating the relationship between world and self
- The spoken word between movement and meaning, and between outer and inner
- The daily speech practice in the rhythmic part of main lesson
We will also address:
 - Literacy/reading concerns
- Classroom management and teacher longevity

If you attended the speech workshop in November and/or January please review and bring your notes and all handouts from these previous sessions to support our continuing work. However it not necessary to have attended previous sessions to attend this one.

Please join us as we experience both tone and speech eurythmy! For optimal health they are a balance, one more incarnating, one more excarnating.

We will learn some basic elements of the art form, such as the movements for the consonants and vowels, and for the notes and intervals. There are movements for various kinds of grammar including active verbs and passive verbs, and there are also different kinds of movement for major and minor chords, as well as beat, rhythm and pitch.