WISE Celebrates
International Women's Day 2018
To commemorate International Women’s Day 2018 , and to honor Women’s History Month , WISE hearkens back to the legacy of four extraordinary Muslim women who have shaped the rich history of Islam.

Contrary to popular perception, Muslim women’s voices and talents have been valued throughout Islamic history.

Click on each name below to read more about these extraordinary women.
Hafsa , one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, was opinionated, strong and educated. She protected the Qur’an from political manipulation in the formative days of Islam and to this day Muslims recite the unchanged Holy Book thanks to her.
Amat al-Wahid was the muftiyyah of Baghdad and issued fatwas (legal verdicts) that were renowned by Islamic scholars all over the world.
Zubeida bint Ja’far was a political figure, an influential member of the Abbasid court, a patron of the arts and sciences, and commissioned the construction of a system of tunnels that provided water to pilgrims on their journey to Makkah.
Fatima al-Fihri built the oldest degree-granting university and the Qarawyyian mosque, both of which still operate today.
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