Islam vs. ISIS
Muslims Stand Against Violent Extremism
Dear Friend:
This summer, the WISE team has been hard at work on a grassroots collaborative and multidisciplinary project, a Community Guide, aimed at discrediting extremist groups like ISIS and showcasing the ideology of peace in Islam . This Guide will break down the scriptural misuse of these groups and show the various factors surrounding their targeted recruitment tactics.
You are receiving this survey because YOUR opinion is an essential component of this project. In order to make the Guide as useful and informative as possible, it is necessary for us to gauge 1) the aggregate views of Muslims in America on extremism and 2) perceptions about the impact groups like ISIS are having on American Muslims. Your responses are not for attribution and will remain absolutely confidential.
I know you share my concern about the collective toll that the growth of violent extremism is taking on American Muslims. It is time for us to stand united against those who slander the name of Islam worldwide. We hope you will find the time to let your unique voice be heard by Monday, August 3.
If you know of other Muslims in America who might be interested in participating in this important project, please feel free to circulate this survey to them.
We very much appreciate your support, and look forward to your receiving your responses.
Daisy Khan
Executive Director