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Conferences & Forums

June 11-12, 2015-  Sydney, Australia 
WISE Executive Director Daisy Khan speaks on 
Challenging Terrorist Propaganda during Australia's  Regional Summit to Counter Violent Extremism.

June 15, 2015- New York, NY: 
Executive Director Daisy Khan lectures
at the  U.S. State Department's
 "Women Preventing Violent 
Extremism" conference  along with 27 women  from  around the world who are directly involved with countering terrorism
on practitioner and grassroots levels.   

Sept. 17, 2015- New York, NY
Daisy Khan with U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom David Saperstein, 
at " The Intersection Between  Women's  Rights and International Religious  Freedom" event on  Amplifying Global Women's  Voices and Catalyzing Change  co-hosted by  Religions for Peace  and the  U.S. State Department

Sept. 21, 2015- New York, NY
WISE previewed its forthcoming Community Guide against  ISIS at the United Nations Church Center.  Ope ning remarks by O IC Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen. Panelists included, Steven Hassan, Imam Tahir Kukaj, Talat Hamdani, Khaja Kaleemuddin, Peter Romaniuk, Imam Konate, Imam Drammeh, Imam Qazi Qayyoom, and Messam Rizvi.
Community Outreach

July 31, 2015-  New York, NY
Imam Mohamad Bashar Arafat  of the  Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation accompanies a delegation of Imams and Female Scholars from Uganda and Tanzania as part of a three week program, "Muslims in America: Community, Democracy, Interfaith and Political Participation."

Oct. 2, 2015- Toledo, OH
Daisy Khan lectures at the Toledo Mosque to an audience of Mosque members and the general public. The Toledo Mosque is known for being the first mosque in the United States to have prayer space for men and women to pray side by side. Women play key roles at this Mosque, including having the first woman Mosque president, Cherrefe Kadri (picture, top left). The event was hosted by Dr. Amjad Hussain (picture, bottom right).    


Oct. 15-19, 2015-  Salt Lake City, UT
Daisy Khan presents at the Parliament for the World's Religions' Inaugural Women's Assembly, "Global Peacemakers Panel".

She also joined ISNA's panel discussion, "Humanity at the Heart of Islam and in the Minds of Muslims: Moving Beyond Dialogue" during the  Reclaiming the Heart 
of Our  Humanity   Conference.

WISE in the Media

Look out for Aisha Gray Henry's  Fons Vitae Publication "The Children's Ghazali Project " which re imagines Imam al-Ghazali's work for children and teaches them how to preserve the pure hearts they were born with.  

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