Special Edition - December 6, 2017
Feature Story
WISHIN Pulse Community Health Record Integrates with Wisconsin ePDMP

Effective December 7, 2017, the WISHIN Pulse Community Health Record will be directly integrated with Wisconsin’s Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP). This new integration ensures that using the WISHIN Pulse system to review a patient’s prescribed narcotics will remain compliant with state law in 2018 and beyond.

“Integration with the ePDMP provides tremendous additional value to Pulse participants,” said WISHIN’s CEO, Joe Kachelski. Advantages to this new integration include:

  • The data will be directly from the ePDMP, and users will no longer need to enter a date range for each query—all available PDMP data will be displayed.
  • Greatly improved patient matching—users can now select the correct patient from a list if there are multiple matches based on patient demographics.
  • If there is incomplete or missing data in one or more prescription(s), users will no longer receive an error message—the system will automatically display all the ePDMP data.
  • If desired, the ePDMP data can be exported directly into Excel and printed through a user’s browser print settings.

Unregistered ePDMP users are not allowed to access ePDMP data, WISHIN Pulse users within an organization who need access to the ePDMP can register using the following link: https://pdmp.wi.gov/registration .

When authorized users first access the newly integrated ePDMP through WISHIN Pulse, the systems will associate the user’s WISHIN user ID and ePDMP user ID together for a seamless transition. To access the new ePDMP integration, authorized WISHIN Pulse users should follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Medications tab, and choose the WI ePDMP tab (which replaced the PDMP Query tab).
  2. Choose the link in the tab to launch a patient query into the ePDMP system.
  3. The ePDMP system will open in a new window, and will display all the available data directly from the ePDMP.
  4. IMPORTANT: As previously mentioned, if a user is not registered, the user will have to go through the ePDMP registration process before any queries will be successful (the ePDMP page that opens will have a link to the registration site).

Please contact WISHIN’s Project Director, Laura Widder at lwidder@wishin.org with any questions or concerns regarding the new ePDMP integration. For questions about WISHIN Pulse services or for more information about becoming a Pulse participant please contact WISHIN at: wishin@wishin.org
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