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In one week we will be participating in one of the biggest fixed wireless events of the summer and would love for you and your company to attend.

Introducing the WISP Virtual Summit - Imagine one day of learning across 10+ sessions, 30+ WISP speakers and experts, networking with top industry vendors, and over $1000 in prizes to be won! I have seen the platform and the time and effort to put this summit together has been intense. A great line up of speakers, hourly prizes, and all for under $20 if you use the attached coupon code.

Click here to watch a video and see what the WISP Virtual Summit is all about!

We hope to see you there on July 28th! Learn more about the event by going to

We will be exhibiting and will be happy to see you to hand out points for prizes as you learn about what BillMax is up to in 2020. 

P.S. Use our offer code to get 25% off your ticket!


Ellen Slezak
BillMax Sales