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News from  WIST - February 2017
WIST Lab Services works with Wisconsin companies and beyond

Lindsey Hoffman
When Lindsey Hoffman fielded an inquiry about WIST's pulp testing services one day last spring, she had no idea it would lead to a trip to Bogota, Colombia, and consultation for a recycled pulp manufacturer there.
Continue reading this story about Lindsey and WIST laboratory services in our 2016 annual report online.

Free conference on economic opportunities in vegetable residuals
Join us for this free
half-day conference: 

This February 28 event will explore opportunities to gain new revenue from vegetable production and processing residual materials. 

This event is free but registration is required. Register now and mark your calendars to be at Heartland Farms Operations, Technology and Training Center in Hancock, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, February 28. 

Attendees will also hear an update on  a collaborative project already underway to create a "proof of concept center" validating commercialization possibilities for these natural chemicals. Read more about the project on the WIST website.

"Hatch" an idea: it could be worth $2,000 and more
In keeping with WIST's focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, we're helping spread the word about a new initiative: HATCH is a rotating high energy, social networking and idea pitch program.  
 At each program, individuals or teams of individuals have the opportunity to
pitch their brightest business ideas. Both the crowd and a program jury of select
entrepreneurs, investors, community resource partners select the winning idea. Each
program also features the top 10 best ideas submitted to the HATCH platform. Read more about Hatch, including an event coming up in Stevens Point.

Submit an idea
Register now for courses offered by TAPPI in Central Wisconsin 
Corona & Atmospheric Plasma 101
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 in Hartland, Wisconsin

Offered for the first time, a training opportunity for those working with surface treatment systems:
Corona & Atmospheric Plasma 101
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 in Hartland, Wisconsin
  • Gain a better overall understanding of surface energy and why it's so important.
  • Discover ways that corona and plasma surface modification technologies offer solutions to surface wettability and adhesion.
  • Acquire practical skills by working within a fully-equipped onsite pilot line.
This training is presented by TAPPI in partnership with ITW Pillar Technologies - a leader in surface treatment systems in the plastic film extrusion, coating, laminating, and printing industries.

Tissue 203 - Converting System Analysis and Simulation Workshop
Tuesday, February 21 in Green Bay, Wisconsin
TAPPI and Pulsar labs are presenting a one-day workshop designed for those working with tissue converting lines:
Tissue 203 - Co nverting System Analysis and Simulation Workshop
Tuesday, February 21 in Green Bay, Wisconsin
This workshop helps operators optimize layouts and minimize bottlenecks with the use of a newly developed Plant Layout Simulator (PLS) calculation software created by Pulsar.  Attendees receive a limited 30-day license for the software, which can be useful in marketing and production to check lines and define potential new products.

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