WISTA Hellas Board 2022-2024

President Mrs. Elpi Petraki 

Operations/Chartering & Business Development Manager, Enea Management INC

Vice-President Mrs. Elina Kassotaki

Business Development Manager, Holland Hellenic Shipping Agencies Ltd.

General Secretary Mrs. Elina Souli

Regional Business Development Director V.P. – FD&D Manager, American P&I Club (Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc., Hellas)

Treasurer Mrs. Akrivi Brikou

CFO, Efshipping Company S.A.

Member Ms. Anna Giatra

Shipbroker, Renaissance Shipbroking S.A.

Posidonia Running Event - WISTA Hellas Team 

Posidonia Week started with physical activity and WISTA Hellas was there!      

                 WISTA Hellas Cocktail Reception

WISTA Hellas Cocktail Reception for Posidonia 2022 took place at Galazio with great attendance. We are thankful to all of our members, associates and friends for making this evening unforgettable. Read More

WISTA Hellas seminar shines spotlight on challenges faced by women at sea

The first WISTA Hellas ‘Women at Sea’ seminar, staged at Posidonia 2022, offered a thorough examination of the challenges facing women seafarers as well as food for thought on how to support them throughout their careers, sponsored by ABS. Read More

More of Posidonia...

Posidonia 2022 Opening Ceremony!

8th Capital Link Maritime

Leaders' Summit!

Baltic Exchange Risk Forum 2022!

6th Shipping Conference of Neftomporiki!

Tradewinds Shipowners Forum!

Inmarsat Conference: Global Discussion of Future of Safety!

Helmepa Conference:

Sustainable Shipping!

Bimco Conference: Aiming to get rid of carbon emissions!

ICS Conference: Human Resources in the Shipping Industry: Redefining Skills for the Future!

YES to Shipping Forum 2022 Youth Day!

University of the Aegean Department of Shipping Trade and Transport: Performing amidst high uncertainty – Shipping resilience! Conference at the Helm of Global Shipping: Ensuring Continuity in times of Change!

Presentation of Women Women in the route of Shipping by ELNAVI / Theano Kalapotharakou!

PANAMA Register Cocktail Reception!

During Posidonia 2022 SAFETY4SEA conducted an interview with Elpi Petraki in order to achieve the UNSDG#5 and empower women in the Maritime Industry!

Presentation of Project Connect!

Read more

                  Members Monthly Gatherings 

The members' monthly gathering took place on March 1st at Piraeus Marine Club where members had the chance to network, exchange news, and attend a discussion on Market Trends which caught everyone’s attention.

Ms. Eva Tzima, Head of Research & Valuations, Seaborne Shipbrokers S.A., and Ms. Anna Giatra, Shipbroker, Renaissance Shipbroking S.A went through the Market Trends since the start of the pandemic explaining the dynamics of the freight markets and the nexus with the global economy and recently with geopolitics, touching the developments of the war in Ukraine and its impact to shipping.

Read more

The always current and lately hot topic of #sanctions was discussed at the latest WISTA Hellas members only gathering at the Piraeus Marine Club.

WISTA Hellas member Ms. Alexandra Couvadelli, Senior Claims Director at Thomas Miller (P&I and FD&D), and Mr. Aristeidis Papaioannou, Attorney at Law | The American P&I Club, Compliance Department, presented the P&I perspective on the topic, under the moderation of WISTA Hellas Secretary General Ms. Elina Souli Regional Business Development Director, V.P-FD&D Manager at The American P&I Club. The topic triggered a lively and very interesting discussion with the audience. We wish to thank The American P&I Club, for sponsoring our monthly gathering.

Read more

Synergies & Partnerships - National News 

Visit to the KESEN

A discussion about the training and certification of seafarers took place at the Kesen with the Director, Mrs. Yianna Simoni. 


Memorandum of Cooperation between WISTA Hellas and Women Act. 

Read more

WISTA Hellas paid a customary visit to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

The Board of Directors of WISTA Hellas paid a customary visit to the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, the Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral George Alexandrakis, the Secretary General for Ports, Ports Policy and Maritime Investments, Mr. Evagelos Kyriazopoulos, and the Secretary General for Aegean and Island Policy, Mr. Manolis Koutoulakis. Read more

              Méchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos

The Vice-President of WISTA Hellas was at the “Epilego Naftilia” at the méchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos.

Synergies & Partnerships - International News

WISTA Hellas at the Portugal Shipping Week 2022


WISTA Hellas members along with the President attended Portugal Shipping Week 2022!

“Roadmap to Sustainable Shipping” at Delphi Economic Forum 2022

WISTA President Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou , WISTA Hellas ‘

president Elpi Petraki , Helena Athoussaki and Katerina Bodouroglou, moderated by Danae Bezantakou, had a very insightful discussion on the “Roadmap to Sustainable Shipping” at Delphi Economic Forum 2022


Panel discussion for the opening of 1st Panhellenic Yachting Congress.

Participated: WISTA Hellas President Elpi Petraki and Members Christiana Prekezes, Maria Lekakou, Theano Kalapotharakou, Katerina Konsta, Maria Mavroudi. Organized by Kalliopi Efstathiou. 

President and Members of WISTA Hellas at the panel for the BCA Webinar: “Ναυτιλία Γένους Θηλυκού”!


Event by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. WISTA Hellas represented by Captain Eleni Papadopoulou!

Discussing digitalisation and efficiency in maritime at Marine Traffic Event!


WISTA Hellas by its President participated at the “Choosing Shipping” Conference organized by where three hundred and fifty of the first year Cadets attended!


Women in Breakbulk Business breakfast meeting!


WISTA Hellas attended in the 90 Years Celebration of Naftika Chronika!


WISTA Hellas participated at Navigator Assembly 2022 which embraced the change and the post-Covid era!


WISTA Hellas President and member Eleni Polychronopoulou participated at the Event of Norwegian Embassy in Athens and talking about the electric ferry industry in Greece and how such technologies could be implemented in the Short Sea fleet, along with the lessons experienced from the electrification of vessels in Norway!


The Executive Committees of WISTA International, WISTA Ghana, and WISTA Hellas paid a visit to the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Trade of Ghana. They had the honour of meeting with Honourable Deputy Minister Tampuli and Honourable Deputy Minister Adom (for Transport) and Honourable Deputy Minister Dokua (for Trade).




At the IMO International Day for Women in Maritime, Elpi Petraki had the pleasure of spending it in London with WISTA International at the International Maritime Organization with some of the most inspirational women in our industry, including Despina Panayiotou TheodosiouClaudia OhlmeierDr Efi Tsolaki and Helen Buni.

It has been fantastic to witness the progress that is being made to eliminate gender inequality and to see so many women excelling in a wide range of positions throughout the industry. However, there is still much to do to ensure the voices of women in maritime are heard. The IMO and WISTA Women in Maritime Report, which was also launched today, showed that gender diversity in maritime is very fragmented by sector - only 29% of the overall workforce and 20% of the workforce of national maritime authorities in Member States are women!


Nor-Shipping has seized on International Women’s Day to sign up to the new, 40 by 30 initiative from WISTA Norway!


From right to left:

Sevilay Kuru, Sadan Kaptanoglu ex- President BIMCO, Wista Hellas President Elpi Petraki, WISTA Turkey President Nazli Selek, Aysu Gurgan.


The educational initiative, with the collaboration of EUSPA (European Union Agency for the Space Programme), organized a 3-days Summer Camp in Athens, Greece to educate students and young professionals on the importance of the EU Space Programme technologies on the shipping industry and the EU blue economy, under the Auspices of WISTA Hellas among others.


During the maritime week of Alexandroupoli 2022, we participated in the conference organized by the local municipality in collaboration with the Alexandroupoli’s port organization and discussed the development role of shipping in the port of Alexandroupolis.

Education & Training

“Women in Leadership”

Executive Program_2nd Year

The WISTA Hellas Executive online Program of professional training and upskilling entitled “Women in Leadership”, in cooperation with ALBA Graduate Business School took place for the second year. during February 2022.

Please be advised that the Executive Program was partially funded by ERMA FIRST and it was offered to WISTA members at a discounted fee.

                   University of Piraeus Scholarship

It is with great pleasure that we announce that WISTA Hellas offered a new scholarship, in collaboration with the University of Piraeus, for the English-speaking masters course of the Department of Maritime Studies, M.Sc. in Shipping Management.


Scholarship is now covered but stay tuned for the next one.

WISTA Hellas provides Full Scholarship

in collaboration with ALBA

WISTA Hellas in collaboration with Alba Graduate Business School, proudly offers one full scholarship (100%) for the academic year 2022-2023.

“Women in Shipping Scholarship Series” started in 2006 to achieve one of the main objectives of WISTA Hellas, to support women that wish to pursue a professional career in the maritime sector and promote the continuing education and networking opportunities of women involved in shipping.

BCA COLLEGE Scholarship

More information to be released shortly..stay tuned.

Learning Re- Gathering_ALBA online workshop

WISTA Hellas and ALBA offered the participants of WISTA "Women in Leadership" 2021 the online workshop “Managing Conflict in the workplace”, free of charge, as part of a Learning Re- Gathering, on Tuesday, 22nd February.


Managing Conflict in the workplace, tutored by Dr Elena Koltsaki, is about conflicts within the corporate environment reduce productivity while consuming a great deal of managerial time, only to get temporary results. Cooperation, understanding and quick and effective mechanisms for conflict management and resolution are vital to avoid both personal and economic costs and boost productivity. This session focuses on the management of conflict in the workplace and aims to assist helps individuals, companies and larger organizations not only handle but also prevent conflicts in the working environment

Maritime SheEO leadership program 2022

We are very proud for our member of the WISTA Hellas, Theodosia Digalaki who was selected among many other candidates internationally for the Maritime SheEO leadership program 2022.



We are happy to announce the launching of the “Speakers hub” as a simple and effective way to meet such demand, support our Members, facilitate contact as well as encourage gender diversified panels and events. This process led us to develop a long-discussed idea about creating an internal WISTA Hellas database, where each Member may register her expertise and knowledge areas and be introduced as a speaker to event organizers.


How does it work? WISTA Hellas members wishing to participate to public events as speakers, panelists, or moderators, may register to the Speakers Hub and state their expertise/knowledge areas. When a request for a speaker is received, we will introduce you to the event organizer and share your contact details, depending on what the topic/thematic area of the event is.

If you are interested in registering into this database, please follow the link below and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarifications.

Register here

The "WHO IS WHO" action continues!

The action “Who is Who” continues again this year as part of our networking and engagement actions. 


“Who is Who” is an opportunity for all members to communicate who they are and what they do, with the aim of getting to know each other in a less formal but more innovative, constructive and hopefully, productive way.


WISTA Hellas encourages all the Members to participate in the action. Present yourselves and your jobs, share your thoughts, views and experiences while outlining your professional skills and insights. Let the others know who you are and how you can professionally connect with them.

To participate, kindly send your photo and a text of maximum 150 words to

Additionally, please check on the past "Who is Who" profiles in WISTA Hellas Facebook page on the format or contact us for information or assistance.

WISTA Hellas 10 Years Ahead

WISTA 10 years ahead. The primary focus of this action is the younger members of WISTA Hellas. The coordination of this initiative is entrusted to Anna Giatra, member of the BoD.

Members' Distinctions

Many many congratulations to our member, past Vice President of Wista Hellas and dear friend, Dorothea Ioannou for becoming the first woman P&I club CEO! She inspires us and makes us all so very proud!!

Members Articles

Χριστίνα Μαργέλου: Ταξίδι ζωής με την ελληνική ναυτιλία

Μαρίνα Αλειφεροπούλου, Ασφάλεια λιμένων, εμπορίου, πολεμικοί κίνδυνοι & κυρώσεις, 11 Απριλίου 2022, New Money

Share your professional opinion and expertise with your fellow Members and the industry!

If you are a WISTA member, send your published journal articles to to be published on our Newsletter.

The Mission to Seafarers Women Seafarers Report

Please click on the below link to find the Mission to Seafarers Women Seafarers Report booklet.

The Report
WISTA Hellas Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on our upcoming events!

Stay tuned for the upcoming WISTA Hellas events for which you will be notified by email in due course or check our website

 We look forward to seeing you all there!

Members’ Gathering in September


WISTA Hellas Meeting Lunch at the Ambassador and General Consul of Panama in Greece - H.E. Ms. Julie Lymberopoulos' Residence 

SUNDAY 11/09/2022 12:30 Hrs.

Soft Skills Seminar Series 

Soft skills Seminar series 



WISTA International News


The 2022 WISTA International AGM & Conference

will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Please mark your calendars for October 26-28, 2022 and plan to join us.


26-28 October 2022

2022 WISTA International
AGM & Conference

IMO and WISTA International “Women in Maritime” Survey

IMO - WISTA “Women in Maritime” survey highlights current gender diversity across the sector and sets a benchmark for progress.

For the results of the survey, please check WISTA International's website.

WISTA International's website
Social Responsibility

WISTA Hellas has taken the initiative to run a campaign for raising funds to support “ARGO”, the Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs.

For more information regarding the Association, please visit the following website:

No specific target of raised funds has been set but the more...the better.

For those of you who want to support this action, pls make your donation directly to one of the below bank accounts of ARGO, and state your name and “member of WISTA Hellas” as reference.


National Bank of Greece

Bank Account: 177/606273-35

IBAN: GR8701101770000017760627335


We thank you in advance for supporting this action.


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We are grateful to Akereon Business & IT Consulting for their continuous support

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