WISTA MED 2021 Digital Forum
«MED SEA moves forward: insights and perspectives»
WISTA MED 2021 Digital Forum «MED SEA moves forward: insights and perspectives» took place on Wednesday 9th June 2021.
WISTA MED is a valuable platform which promotes networking and collaboration between the maritime professionals in the Mediterranean.
This year’s forum was co-hosted by the National WISTA Associations of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey.
WISTA Hellas September Gathering
We were delighted to meet again to the first gathering of the season that took place exclusively for Members, at the Golf Prive in Glyfada, on Tuesday 7th September 2021. The event was sponsored by WISTA Hellas President Mrs. Elpi Petraki.

Thank you all for coming!
Synergy & Collaboration
Summer Camp
“Sustainability and Shipping” 
A three-day interactive seminar and workshop for students of universities and maritime academies was held for the first time in Inousses, Greece. 
Maritime professionals and academics interacted with the students and discussed topics on sustainability in the sunny and relaxed setting of the beautiful island. 
WISTA Hellas proudly supported this Initiative and the President Mrs. Elpi Petraki and General Secretary Mrs. Elina Kassotaki participated to one of the panel discussions. 
We wish to thank and HELMEPA - Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association for the invitation and to congratulate them on having organized such a successful event. 
Special thanks to the SFO (friends of Inousses association) and the Municipality of the island of Inousses for the warm hospitality.

The Mayor Mr. George Daniel and the Municipal Council donated to WISTA Hellas a plate depicting Oinousses for its support to the summer camp.

MBA in Shipping Seminar "Strategies for Leadership in Shipping: The Greek paradigm"

On Tuesday, June 22, 2021, the MBA in Shipping of the University of the Aegean, organized the seminar “Strategies for Leadership in Shipping: The Greek paradigm” and our President Mrs. Elpi Petraki participated as a lecturer.
YES Forum graduation ceremony was held on 29th June 2021.

YES Forum was founded by WISTA Hellas member Mrs. Danae Bezentakou and is a platform of open dialogue in the Greek Shipping & Sea Tourism Industry.

Mrs. Elpi Petraki also attended the graduation ceremony.
On Tuesday, July 13, an event to celebrate the completion of the first year of the new for Greece, English-speaking "Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Shipping" was held.
The President of WISTA Hellas, Mrs. Elpi Petraki, also participated in the event that was held with great success at the Eugenidou Foundation.

For the thirteenth consecutive year, the award ceremony of the Efkrantis Awards, organized by the Nautical Chronicles, with the help and support of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, took place in the courtyard of the School of Naval Trials in Piraeus, on Thursday 15th July 2021 and Mrs. Elpi Petraki participated.
World Hellenism Day
The president of WISTA Hellas, Mrs. Elpi Petrakis attended the official dinner for the "World Hellenism Day" in honor of the Members of the World Hellenic Inter - Parliamentary Association of the Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (PADEE) presented by the President of the Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus, Mr. Kostis Frangoulis and the Members of the Board of Directors, in the Yacht Club of Greece.

Special Forces Commander of the Port Authority of Samos, offered a Letter of Thanks to WISTA Hellas Members Mrs. Polemi and Tzoutzouraki for their kind donation for the supply of the uniforms, as shown in the photo.

WISTA Hellas attended the swearing-in ceremony of the graduates of the Postgraduate Studies Program (MSc) in Shipping and the MSc Sustainability and Quality in Marine Industry, of the Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus that took place on Monday 20th September 2021.

Seafarers: Protagonists in the future of the shipping industry
On 29th September 2021 on the occasion of World Maritime Day (IMO), with the aid of the Eugenides Foundation, organized a training meeting at the Eugenides Amphitheater.

Mrs. Elina Souli Vice President of WISTA Hellas,and WISTA Hellas member Mrs. Metaxia Psaltis participated in the event.

The event can be watched online at the following link:

Greek Shipping Hall of Fame
The President of WISTA Hellas, Mrs. Elpi Petraki participated in 14th Greek Shipping Hall of Fame induction ceremony that took place in Athens on 13 September 2021 and also handed the check with the amount of the donation to Mr. Andreas Bouras, head of "Hellenic Hope".

Wista Hellas President, Mrs. Elpi Petraki was elected in Hellenic Maritime Museum's Board of Directors on 6th June 2021

At SEA Europe Annual General Meeting held on 10th June 2021, Mrs. Helen Polychronpoulou was elected vice president.

Congratulations to our members Messrs. Danae Bezantakou, Dorothea Ioannou, Katerina Stathopoulou and Irene Notias who were elected to serve on the BoD of Governors for the International Propeller Club Port of Piraeus. We are very proud of you!
WISTA Hellas "WHO IS WHO" continues!

The action “Who is Who” continues again this year as part of our networking and engagement actions. 
“Who is Who” is an opportunity for all members to communicate who they are and what they do, with the aim of getting to know each other in a less formal but more innovative, constructive and hopefully, productive way.
WISTA Hellas encourages all the Members to participate in the action. Present yourselves and your jobs, share your thoughts, views and experiences while outlining your professional skills and insights. Let the others know who you are and how you can professionally connect with them.

To participate, kindly send your photo and a text of maximum 150 words to [email protected].

Additionally, please check on the past "Who is Who" profiles in WISTA Hellas Facebook page on the format or contact us for information or assistance.
Published Articles
Share your professional opinion and expertise with you fellow Members!
If you are a WISTA member, send your published journal articles to [email protected] to be published in our Newsletter.
WISTA HELLAS Upcoming Events
Don’t miss out on our upcoming events!
Stay tuned for the upcoming WISTA Hellas events for which you will be notified by email in due course or check our website

 We look forward to seeing you all there!
ICS-WISTA Scholarship Programme 2021/22

For a consecutive fifth (5th) year, the collaboration between WISTA International and the Institute of Chartering Shipbrokers UK regarding the ICS-WISTA Scholarship Programme continued. The commonm goal of this programme is to increase the competence and further the education of women in all segments of the maritime industry and to assist our WISTA Members to further develop their maritime knowledge. Together we are offering a scholarship to five (5) individual WISTA members for the study term 2021/2022.
WISTA International Trade Committee Launch

WISTA International Trade Committee aims to create recommendations and guidelines for trade facilitation worldwide considering the industry experience and expertise of WISTA Members in the shipping, trading, and logistics sectors.
“WISTA International Trade Committee Launch” took place on 29th September 2021 in a webinar format.
The Forum was supported by many NWAs, including Wista Hellas.

12-15 OCTOBER 2021.

The WISTA International AGM & Conference 2021 will take place in Hamburg, Germany from 12th to 15th October 2021 as originally planned. 
The AGM and Conference will be a hybrid event, i.e. members may attend either in person or virtually. Please follow the links below for more information and/or registration:
For more information please visit
Impact of COVID-19 on women in Maritime Industry
WISTA International and #DiversityCommittee, in collaboration with Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (Ufes) have created a survey in an effort to monitor the impact of #COVID19​ on WISTA Members around the world.​The survey is open to National WISTA Associations in 54 countries.

#WISTAInternational's fundamental goal is to promote D&I in maritime, trade, logistics and close the leadership gap in those industries.​ With this survey, WISTA Interemnational aims to ensure that all the advances made in the last few years are protected. ​

Additionally, whether the pandemic is negatively impacting women and their work or if there is a positive impact manifesting in new job roles and the ease of working from home is to be examined.

Please contact us at [email protected] for the link to the survey.
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